Monday, April 15, 2024

NEW: Joe Biden Green-Lit Iran's Attack on Israel

By Bonchie |

AP Photo/Alex Brandon

In a stunning yet somehow unsurprising turn of events, evidence has now emerged that Joe Biden didn't just know about Iran's attack on Israel, but that he went so far as to green-light it through back channels.

As RedState reported, Iran launched a series of drones and ballistic missiles on Saturday at the Jewish state, with almost all of them eventually being intercepted and downed. But while Israel ponders how to retaliate, a new report includes shocking information on the leadup to the attack.

There's no way to sugarcoat that. The Biden administration told the Iranians it was acceptable to attack "within certain limits." Were those limits adhered to? That's something only the president and his handlers can answer (and never will), but given their rush to demand Israel not strike back, it would seem probable that everything went according to plan. 

This is a betrayal that is hard to fathom. If an offensive attack was getting ready to be launched against the United States and one of our allies told our enemy to go ahead with the attack "within certain limits," it would be an international scandal and the end of that alliance. Yet, Israel is just expected to take this garbage from Biden and his cohorts without questioning it. 

For Israel's own sake, I hope they respond harshly to this and re-establish deterrence. Whatever Iran has on Biden and the entire Obama alumni must be incredibly serious given the lengths these people are going to protect a terrorist state. Still, that can't be allowed to dictate policy in this arena. If Iran gets away unscathed after launching this attack, it won't hesitate to launch an attack once it has secured nuclear weapons. 

That doesn't mean a full-scale war is necessary. As I explained, Iran's current offensive capabilities are limited (as are their defensive capabilities), and any retaliatory strike against their nuclear program would not lead to a "regional war." The same would be true if their drone factories were hit.

If the Biden administration wants to continue to inexcusably support and enable Iran, Israel shouldn't play along. There's too much on the line, and if the president continues down this insane path, he will lose the election in November. That would be all the better for Israel and more importantly, Americans.