Thursday, April 18, 2024

Trump’s Brilliant Prosecution Juxtaposition Campaign


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Say what you want about Donald Trump, but the man is a brilliant communicator. His builder-from-Queens bluntness sometimes manifests as obnoxiousness, but it also has produced some of the most effective messaging of our time. Has there ever been a more concise slogan than “Make America Great Again”? Into those four simple words are packed a vastness of disaffection that is otherwise indescribable even if one uses the entire dictionary. 


In its will to power, the American left is nakedly kangaroo-courting Trump into silence — or at least, it's trying. But like it or not, Trump is an unabashed American hero, and he will not be silenced. Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg and Judge Juan Merchan conspire to keep the presidential frontrunner locked up in a dingy courtroom during the day, but he is free to roam after court hours. An irrepressible and brilliant marketer, Trump seizes on those hours to communicate. And he is off to a pitch-perfect start.

I often write about the horrors I see on the morning network news out of nearby New York City. Every day, a fresh violent horror is reported — sometimes more than one. And every last one of them is committed by someone who should not have been on the street. The violence, shattered lives, and fear in which normal citizens live are all attributable to New York’s politicized law enforcement policies; Marxism enforcement is a more apropos moniker. 

In his zeal to Get Trump!, DA Bragg has spun a thrice-discarded misdemeanor accusation into 34 — count ‘em — felony charges. Concurrently, he has spent little or no time removing the actual dangerous criminals from the street. Once the NYPD arrests criminals, Bragg's office releases them back into society to continue preying on innocent civilians. 

The contrast between what New York — and, by extension, any blue-ruled city as well as the Biden administration — is doing and what it should be doing is a glaring weakness for the Democrat party. Americans long for the return of the rule of law. 

And now, with the eyes of the world on the sad spectacle in Manhattan, Trump has an unparalleled opportunity to exploit the issue. He has hit the ground running. TIME covered his remarks to the media after the first day of the historic malevolent prosecution trial: 

“We’ve got a real problem with this judge,” Trump said after court adjourned on Monday, wearing his iconic wide red tie and an American flag pin stuck in his jacket lapel. “We’ve got a real problem with a lot of things having to do with this trial including the DA, because you go right outside and people are being mugged and killed all day long and he’s sitting here all day long with about 10 or 12 prosecutors over nothing, over nothing.”

On Tuesday — Day 2 of the Stalinist show trial — Trump ventured to a powerfully symbolic location to deliver his after-court remarks. In an emailed statement, the Trump Campaign said:

Tonight, President Donald J. Trump visited the New York City bodega where Jose Alba, a bodega clerk, was robbed, attacked, and, ultimately, wrongfully accused of murder after being forced to defend his life by Soros-funded D.A. Alvin Bragg.

President Trump was enthusiastically greeted by supporters, who lined the streets surrounding the Harlem bodega.

If you hadn't heard of the bodega case before, I can assure you it was a big deal to New Yorkers. People were appalled that Bragg went after a humble, elderly blue-collar worker for defending himself from one of the DA's murderous thugs who shouldn't have been in society with normal people.

Trump's pilgrimage to the site of one of Bragg's early malpractices garnered him great enthusiasm and support. The Bodega and Small Business Group issued a statement of support for the once-and-future president:

As you can see in this clip of the visit, a large crowd of supporters — in New York City — was on hand to cheer Trump on. What we are seeing is the long-awaited appearance of that fabled Republican candidate who is able to connect with minority voters in inner cities (aka those most harmed by Democrat policies of freeing criminals and importing millions of dependent illegal aliens).

Compare and contrast to candidate Biden's feeble visit to Scranton yesterday, where he dished out a warmed-over rehash to his sparse supporters, something about "fair share" and taxing billionaires or something zzzzzzzz.



Brigitte Gabriel @ACTBrigitte

Huge turnout for Joe Biden in his 'hometown' of Scranton.


May I humbly suggest that, for his next after-court campaign stump, Trump visit St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church in his home borough of Queens? The front steps of the church are the site of a vicious mugging during which 16-year-old Jayvaun Prince pushed 68-year-old parishioner Irene Tahliambouri down the stairs. The grandmother struck the back of her head on the concrete, fracturing her skull, and she remains hospitalized. As usual, Prince already had multiple arrests for violent assaults and robberies. Just four days earlier, he had robbed a 50-year-old woman of her wallet, purse, and car. These are serious felonies, and yet he was free to keep terrorizing innocent people almost immediately.

In a tragic footnote, the teen assailant tried to hang himself in jail. Even if he remains alive, he has little chance of having a life. If only someone had pulled him up short and held him accountable after his first (or even second or third) less serious transgression. It's a reminder that Democrats are failing not only crime victims but their attackers as well, who are also made in the image and likeness of God. Under blue governance, they never had a chance at a normal life.