Wednesday, October 21, 2020

More Dirty Deeds? Hunter Biden's Ex-Business Partner Has Flipped Revealing a New Trove of Emails

 By Matt Vespa|

Source: AP Photo/Visar Kryeziu

Oh, the plot has thickened for 'Biden and company.' Squeaky clean Joe, working-class Joe that we supposedly all knew and loved is a lie. He’s a fraud. He’s just as corrupt as Hillary Clinton. 

We can thank his son for exposing all the dirty laundry. That perpetual screw-up dropped off his MacBook at a repair shop in Wilmington, Delaware in April of 2019 and forgot to pick it up. After a 90-day period, it became the property of the owner of the shop, who made a copy of the hard drive and turned the laptop over to the FBI. A copy of the hard drive was given to Rudy Giuliani’s lawyer. 

These emails are just the tip of the iceberg and now we see that Hunter might have been into child porn. At the very least, it’s quite off that scores of pictures of underage girls were found on it. The former New York City mayor turned those images over to the Delaware State Police, but there’s more. 

Hunter’s former business partner has flipped. He gave investigative reporter Peter Schweizer access to his Gmail account, which detailed more sordid deals with Russia and China. And yes, Joe Biden is involved with some of the pitches. This is a totally separate trove of emails from the one on Hunter’s laptop  (via The Blaze):

When Bevan Cooney — the former "junior" business partner to Hunter Biden and Devon Archer — went to jail in 2019, investigative reporter and New York Times bestselling author Peter Schweizer thought he'd never gain access to the damning emails Cooney had promised. That all changed three weeks ago when Schweizer was given complete access to Cooney's gmail account.

Schweizer joined Glenn Beck on the radio program Tuesday to describe just some of the business deals revealed within these emails — like Hunter working with an alleged Russian criminal and with Chinese communists to secure their assets, or to secure one-on-one time with his dad, then-Vice President Joe Biden. And all of this new information is completely separate from the emails allegedly discovered on Hunter Biden's laptop recently reported by the New York Post.

"So, I want to make this clear. This [Cooney's emails] has nothing to do with what's on the laptop … It didn't come from [Rudy] Giuliani. It didn't come from anybody else, right?" Glenn asked Schweizer. 

Backward reels the mind to when The New Yorker, who is dealing with ‘masturbategate’ involving Jeffrey Toobin, wrote about Hunter upsetting Joe’s 2020 ambitions. That is brutally coming to fruition. Of course, a father’s love is unconditional. That still doesn’t mean Hunter is royally screwing his dad right now—politically.




To All Those Biden Supporters Out There, Here's the Bill He Wants to Leave Us as President

By Matt Vespa|

President Joe Biden will wreck the economy. Are we talking about another depression like Trump says on the stump? Probably not, but it’s not going to be pretty.

The Wall Street Journal editorial board looked at the Biden agenda, analyzed its costs, and the conclusion is that this plan is only good if you want Trump gone. That’s about it. There will be tax increases.

The thing about these Democrats wanting to only tax the rich, you all know this, is that they have these big government programs that everyone since the 1980s has known, will require taxes on the middle class and the working poor. I credit Bernie Sanders for one thing: honesty. He admitted that his single-payer, Medicare-for-All program would lead to tax increases. He was unapologetic. Joe Biden thinks he can do everything on his economic menu by just taxing those who make $400,000 or more. It’s laughable.

The Journal had a lengthier op-ed this time because they know the liberal media will bury the details. They also said that the economy is on the rebound and it’ll shoot up like a rocket ship once we have acquired a COVID vaccine. For the past few weeks, Trump's message has been hitting Joe on his socialist agenda items, his mental acuity, and the booming economy. It writes itself. We’ve seen over 10 million new jobs in four months, half of the jobs lost due to China’s incompetence in handling COVID. The president's message is, "re-elect me and I’ll finish it." That should be the unified GOP line.

With “Bidenomics,” we see a median household income drop by $6,500 by 2030. So, let’s say Biden wins, Trump may be gone, but you’ll be poorer and dealing with tax increases. Oh, and Biden will have to offer something big to the green Left. It’ll probably increase the cost of American families’ energy bills, for sure. That’s a double-whammy—and something that’s especially lethal to the home budgets of fixed-income seniors (via WSJ):

The issue is whether Mr. Biden’s policies will nurture this strong recovery, or slow it down as Barack Obama’s policies did after the 2009 recession. This is where the Hoover study comes in, as it examines the Democrat’s proposals on health insurance, taxes, energy and regulation. The authors are economists Timothy Fitzgerald, Kevin Hassett, Cody Kallen and Casey Mulligan. Messrs. Hassett and Mulligan were members of the Council of Economic Advisers in the Trump White House, but then the boosters of Bidenomics are veterans of the Clinton-Obama Administrations.

Mr. Hassett has done pioneering work on the impact of corporate taxation and Mr. Mulligan of the University of Chicago on the impact of government subsidies that raise the marginal tax-rate barriers as workers try to climb the economic ladder. The 50-page Hoover study is valuable because it examines policies for their incentive and supply-side effects, rather than merely macroeconomic demand-side spending.

Overall, the authors estimate that the Biden agenda, if fully implemented, would reduce full-time equivalent employment per person by about 3%, the capital stock per person by some 15%, and real GDP per capita by more than 8%. Compared to Congressional Budget Office estimates for these variables in 2030, this means there would be 4.9 million fewer working Americans, $2.6 trillion less in GDP, and $6,500 less in median household income.


…consider Mr. Biden’s expansion of the Affordable Care Act and Medicare for those above age 60 (versus 65 now). These subsidies affect the incentive to work, and the authors estimate the ACA changes would increase the average marginal tax rate on labor by 2.4 percentage points. That’s nearly half as much as the six percentage points from the original ACA, which is part of the explanation for the agonizingly slow labor recovery in the Obama era.

Mr. Biden is also proposing substantial increases in business tax rates that will raise the cost of capital. The former Vice President likes to say he’d only raise the top corporate tax rate to 28% from 21%. But so-called pass-through entities (often small businesses) employ more than 40 million Americans, and most pay taxes at the individual tax rate.

“Biden’s plan to raise personal income and payroll tax rates would push their federal rates from below 40 percent to, often, above 50 percent, and these are on top of state income taxes,” the authors write.


There is much more in the Hoover study, especially on the costs of returning to Obama-style regulation. Most of the media will ignore it, which is why we thought we’d provide readers with more than usual detail.

This Thursday is the last presidential debate. It’s high noon. Trump should be aggressive, yes, but also allow the former VP to talk. Joe will ramble and hang himself. When Trump responds, he should be laser-focused on the policy, with digs that this is the reason, besides Hunter Biden’s emails, that Joe hides in the basement.

Another way to put it is to let Biden place the noose around his neck and have Trump pull the rope when he responds. It’ll take patience and the president is going to have to deal with some of the lies hurled against him, but let Joe talk. Let him trip over policy, get him loud and clear that he wants to run away from defunding the police, the Green New Deal, and Medicare for All—three issues that the far Left holds dear. Joe did so in the first debate; Trump’s interruptions muddied it. There’s no doubt Trump can wipe the floor with Joe…but maybe let Hidin’ Biden do the heavy lifting in that area. Again, the former VP has diarrhea of the mouth, which is why he’s been calling a lid before everyone has finished breakfast for the past month or so.


Here's Hunter Biden Computer Repair Receipt...That's How Much It Took to Cause Joe All of This 2020 Heartburn

By Matt Vespa| 

Source: AP Photo/Ng Han Guan

Okay, so Hunter Biden is a disgraced screw-up who got rich off his daddy’s name and would be a dead broke loser if it weren’t for his father. I mean, I guess you could argue that he still a total loser, albeit one with money. Whatever the key fact here is that his laptop has unearthed the dirty deeds. You all know the story here, folks. There’s a reason Joe Biden got all huffy when asked about Hunter. 

One, he knew his son is a screw-up. Second, his son is a screw-up who knows where all the bodies are buried. Not good for someone who is snorting cocaine like it’s going out of style. 

The security of the family secrets was very tenuous, and this “laptop from hell” development is evidence of that. Joe Biden’s 2020 ambitions got stained because his son forgot to pay the $85 fee for the repairs. 

That’s the cost of this fiasco engulfing the Biden camp. It took less than $100 and a bad memory for Joe Biden’s veneer of a working-class hero from Scranton to be shattered irreparably.



@MikeEmanuelFox obtains photo showing an alleged Hunter Biden signature on paperwork for the computer repair shop


In these emails, Hunter refers to his father as the “big guy” regarding a massive business pitch to a Chinese energy firm. This reference is made regarding the equity arrangement. 

At Burisma, a Ukrainian energy company where Hunter sat on the board making $50k/month, the former vice president was introduced to executives at the company. Hunter got this gig in 2014, around the time his father was heading up our policy efforts in Ukraine as well. 

Wait, Joe said he knew nothing about Hunter’s business dealings. He also said there was no wrongdoing because he trusts his son. 

Yeah, not the best line to use, Joe. 

Burisma was also being investigated for corruption and its executives were banking on Hunter’s connections to protect the company. That happened. Joe Biden fired the prosecutor after threats to withhold aid from the country. It’s painfully clear that? Hunter was there to sell access to then-top Obama officials. It doesn’t get as unethical and swampy as this, huh?

Thank God for Hunter and his incompetence. None of this would have come to light. He is the October surprise. He is a massive in-kind contribution to Trump’s re-election effort.