Wednesday, August 10, 2022

N. Carolina’s black GOP Lt. Governor says Dems want to ‘control’ African-American people, seek to ‘destroy’ those who defy

By Terresa Monroe-Hamilton | Business &

North Carolina’s Lieutenant Governor Mark Robinson is accusing Democrats of attempting to “control” black people and is asserting that their goal is to destroy anyone who stands against the left’s woke ideology.

Following a fiery speech at CPAC, Robinson sat down with Fox News host Dan Bongino and noted that the Democrats’ “ideology of control” towards black people “has not changed” over the course of American history.

“If you look back through the history of America, Democrats have notoriously despised black people who just don’t go along,” and “push back against stereotypes and all ideologies that are dangerous to them,” he bluntly stated.

“It has always been an ideology of control,” Robinson added. “And when they cannot control you, when they cannot control your thought, they will hate you and they will try to destroy you. It’s been done to me in several venues since I started this venture and it’s nothing new.”

He spoke of a speech that he gave at the Charlotte-area Freedom House Church on May 22 where he was accused of misogyny for claiming Christians are “called to be led by men” and stated that he stood up like a man whenever he faced adversity for being black.

“When I made comments at a white church, they went viral and the news media jumped all over me and questioned me and threatened me and all kinds of stuff,” Robinson said on “Unfiltered.”

“But those comments I made in that black church — the mass media refuses to air those. Why? Because I was speaking to black people, and black people agreed overwhelmingly, and that ideology they cannot tolerate. They don’t want to see black people push against their narratives,” he said regarding the media. “In that situation, that’s what happened.”

Robinson went on to urge men in the audience to “put on the whole armor of God” and “take the head of your enemy in God’s name.”

The conservative firebrand was not finished. He also said that as a Christian and as a black man, he is tired of being told how he should act.

“Not one time in my life when I faced adversity did I say, ‘You know, I shall overcome.'”

“My God tells me that when I face adversity that number one, I am to stand up like a man! M-A-N!” he declared.

“We are called to be led my men,” he announced, according to WRAL.

“God sent women out … when they had to do their thing, but when it was time to face down Goliath, [He] sent David — not Davita, David,” Robinson said, doubling down.

He also said that God sent Moses to lead the Israelites to freedom, “Not Momma Moses, Daddy Moses.”

The North Carolina Republican asserted that God “knew what He was doing when He made men big and hairy and ugly. It’s because you’re supposed to scare away predators, whether they’re in the woods or standing in front of your kids in elementary school.”

Robinson is adamant that too many people listen to the doctrine of “social justice instead of the doctrine of Jesus Christ.”

He took his message to CPAC Texas 2022 last week and was wildly applauded for his conservative stance.

After giving thanks to God, he tore into the left.

“Every strike that the left says I have – poor black with a widowed mom living on the wrong side of the tracks,” Robinson began. “But that poor black kid from the wrong side of the tracks was sitting on the 27th floor of this hotel overlooking the Dallas skyline as the first black lieutenant governor of North Carolina.”

“America is still the greatest nation on Earth,” Robinson declared. “And I don’t care what these communists say. I don’t care what the socialists say. I don’t care what these blue-haired freaks say.”

“This is the greatest nation on Earth, and it’s all because of God,” he continued. “He’s the one that made it all impossible. So we give him thanks.”

He was just warming up and then eviscerated the left by imploring conservative Americans to fight back against the agenda of Democrats.

“They’re coming up the hill followed by a whole raft of socialist nitwits, who believe that a baby in the womb is a clump of cells and do not honor life in the womb,” he commented. “They believe that you should not have a firearm to protect yourself, but you should pay for them to have firearms to protect them.”

“They don’t believe that your children should be educated, they believe that they should be indoctrinated,” he continued. ‘They dragging up that hill all types of things: CRT, transgenderism, this idea of birthing people – who in the world came up with that garbage?”

“They dragging up this socialist idea that criminals should not be punished, that they should be allowed to run rampant,” Robinson railed. “That our borders should be wide open, that our police should be demonized, that our veterans should be dishonored.”

“See those folks that are coming up that hill? There’s a word for them – they’re called ‘socialists.’ They’re called ‘communists,’” Robinson said to wild applause. “I just prefer to call them ‘idiots.'”