Friday, September 18, 2015

A Fake Book: "The Autobiography of Martin Luther King, Jr."

By Frances Rice
“The Autobiography of Martin Luther King, Jr.” was written by Professor Clayborne Carson, not Dr. King.  That book was first published in 1998, 30 years after Dr. King was killed.  Dr. King never wrote an autobiography.  Notice the words on the bottom of the cover that read, “Edited by Clayborne Carson.”  This is a clever attempt to disguise the fact that the book was not written by Dr. King.
In reality, the King estate commissioned Professor Carson to write a book about Dr. King.  It should have been written as a biography.  Instead, Professor Carson chose to write the book in the first person, as if he, Carson, were Dr. King.  This is an absolute fraud.
It is impossible to determine what is factual and what is conjecture, or educated guessing, by Professor Carson, a liberal professor of history at Stanford University and the Director of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Research and Education Institute.
This fake book is being used by liberals to bolster their false narrative about Dr. King’s party affiliation.  Liberals claim that Dr. King was a Democrat.  In fact, Dr. King was a Republican and remained so until the day he died.
The only way to get a true sense of what Dr. King really believed is to read his speeches and the books he wrote himself while he was alive.  Books written about him after his death are all written by liberals who distort his words to make them fit in with their socialist agenda.  Here is a link to a website that has information about Dr. King:
Dr. King’s speeches reflect that he was a minister, a man of God, who would not have sanctioned the type of liberal/progressive/socialist policies that destroy black communities.  Democrats have been running black communities for the past 50 years and the socialist policies of the Democrats have turned those communities into economic and social wastelands.
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was a Republican and no amount of re-written history by liberal/progressive/socialist Democrats will change that fact.
This fact that Dr. King was a Republican is affirmed by Dr. King’s niece, Dr. Alveda C. King, in a video that is posted on the Internet at: