Saturday, September 12, 2015

Cleveland Black Republican: "You Have To Stand Up For Your Beliefs"

By Orlando Watson
Javan Jackson: Image Source - Screen Capture
VIDEO: A Black Voter Woke Up to the Lies of the Democrat Party
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In an August 4, 2015 interview with FOX News, Javan Jackson, a black Republican voter in Cleveland, described his political upbringing—one in which he became disillusioned by unfulfilled promises by Democratic candidates to his community:
“When I was a kid, a lot of times the Democratic candidates would come to the church and they'd do a fiery speech and talk about everything they were going to do. I was a little kid and I would take notes. He's going to do this and that. Then four years later, Bret, it still looked the same. Then as I got older and older the issues in our community got worse and worse. Then they would come back and say the same thing they said when I was eight. I was like, “they're lying” and then I kind of moved away from them a little bit.”
FOX’s Bret Baier responded:  “To be a Republican in downtown Cleveland is not an easy thing.”
To which Jackson stated: “Yeah, but you have to stand up for your beliefs.”
Stand with Javan and stand up for your beliefs. Take a look at the RNC’s #CommittedToCommunity campaign to listen and address issues of concern to black voters, including job creation initiatives, educational opportunity, and supporting strong families and safe communities.