Monday, January 02, 2017

GOP points the finger at Obama’s real legacy: a $19.9 trillion national debt

By Jennifer Harper


The Republican National Committee has assembled some telling numbers as President Obama prepares to leave office and do other things.
“Obama touts his legacy, but the numbers tell a different story,” the committee notes in a lengthy analysis of hard data, all current and gleaned primarily from federal sources.
Here’s a sampling from the RNC:
• $19.9 trillion: “The staggering mountain of debt Obama will leave behind on January 20, 2017.” Source: Treasury Department.
• $9.2 trillion: “The increase in the national debt since Obama took office.” Source: Treasury Department.
• $1 trillion: “Tax increases in Obamacare over a decade.” Source: House Committee on Ways and Means.
• $870.3 billion: “Estimated economic cost of new federal government regulations finalized since Obama took office.” Source: American Action Forum.
• $750 billion: “Americans global trade deficit in 2015 under Obama.” Source: U.S. Census Bureau.
• $690 billion: “Increase in student debt since Obama took office.” Source: Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis