Saturday, August 31, 2019

All The People Who Think They Are Better Than You Are Much, Much Worse

By Kurt Schlichter |


Now our liberal elite, backed up by the Fredocon whose awakening into wokeness perfectly coincides with their utter rejection by us conservatives, have decided that our entire history is based upon slavery. 

The New York Times is spearheading this latest "trash-the-rubes" initiative, fresh off its "RUSSIA! TREASON! COLLUSION! EMOLUMENTS!" humiliation.

They tried to shame us (many of us veterans of the Cold War) with allegations of partying with Putin. It didn’t work out so great, so why not pivot to morally undermining us for having slaves we didn’t have?


It’s not like the ruling caste has achievements to back up its arrogance. 

Our elite is a collection of pedestrian mediocrities who inherited our civilization from the people who actually created it and fought for it. Like every spoiled child who was handed free stuff by his doting mommy and daddy, our elite is resentful and obnoxious.

Elites don’t appreciate what it takes to build, feed, fuel and defend what we have – as a group, they didn’t do any of those things. 

No one appreciates what he didn’t work for and earn, and our alleged betters did not work for and earn the positions and prestige they hold at the heads of our institutions. They got where they are by just showing up, and by parroting hacky, politically correct dogma, not by actual achievement.

Look at what our universities are pumping out. Their elite graduates can’t read or write and they think history started in 1996. The only things the elites have ever created are evermore tiresome and weird gender identities.

A historical comparison:

Hello, I am Teddy Roosevelt. I was born wealthy, won the Medal of Honor, busted the trusts like this Facebook atrocity of which you speak, and I literally punched out a bear once.

Yo, my name is Kaden. I’m an otherkin-identifying, non-binary gendered, two-spirit from Brooklyn with a degree in Climate Change Ventriloquism from Yale. I’m not ashamed to cry when I see a MAGA hat because my mom says my feelings are important. Bernie is too patriarchal for me, so Beto 2020!

Here’s a question, and it’s a fair one. What has the ruling class done right in the last 20 years? 


We know what America achieved under the old ruling class. 

It beat the Nazis – the real Nazis, not the fake bugaboo “Nazis” that the left labels everyone on the right. It fought through the Depression. It trashed the Democrat’s Jim Crow regime. It designed the ’65 Mustang, created the Big Mac and put a man on the moon. It crushed the communists in the Cold War.

The old elite was not perfect, but at least you can point to some tics in the “WIN” column.

Not so with the coterie of "elites" running our institutions today. It’s all check marks under “LOSS.” Iraq. The Wall Street Meltdown. Obamacare. 

Do you see a lot of successes? Do you see any? Have I overlooked some tremendous victory this generation of our betters pulled off? I can’t think of any offhand. Gee, how about social media? Yeah, there’s progress.

We are actually losing ground. Our light bulbs don’t light anymore, our front-loading washing machines don’t wash anymore and our straws don’t straw anymore. Even our Star Wars movies today are exponentially crappier than the ones from 40 years ago. 

So, what’s just one great thing the magnificent, magical masterminds of our elite have pulled off since maybe 2000? 

Just one. 

One thing. 


Uh, today we’re now really aware of our [FILL IN THE BLANK WITH TODAY’S DESIGNATED VILLAIN GROUP] privilege?

That’s not a thing.

And even that nonsense only applies to us Normals. 

For all their newly-woke awareness of their privilege, have you ever once seen a single member of our alleged elite argue that, due to its privilege, the elite should give up some of its power? You and me, sure. 

We totally need to give up our freedom and our money too.  Have you ever seen a single policy prescription for one of the pseudo-crises the elite is constantly trying to pimp turn out to be that they stop being in charge, that they give up some their ill-gotten gains?

Please. They’re so concerned with global warming that they all have to take private jets to Davos to tell us we need to start biking to work.

Yet, with a track record unbroken by success and unmarred by anything like competence, our elite still offers us a laundry list of tasks it demands we Normals undertake. 

Astonishingly, it does so with a straight face.

And our elite can't back up its arrogance with some sort of history of accomplishments, beyond the level of, “Well, our generation of leaders is the very best us we can be!”

There’s a healthcare crisis. Our task is to give up our freedom and give up our money to the elite to solve it.

There’s a gun crisis. Our task is to give up our freedom and give up our money to the elite to solve it.

There’s a climate crisis. Our task is to give up our freedom and give up our money to the elite to solve it.

They created most of these problems in the first place. 

They whine about student loans, but who set up the college cash machine that is American academia? 

Our medical system is a wreck? Dudes, our medical system is Obamacare, and you’re the ones who stuffed it down our gullets!

In what way has our elite proven itself capable of doing anything right, much less overseeing our doctors, protecting our newly-disarmed citizenry and controlling the weather? 

What happens if the useless elite prevails? 

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