Saturday, August 24, 2019

Tim Scott Blasts Democrats For Constant & Ridiculous Claims Of Trump’s Racism – It’s The ‘Lowest Common Denominator’

Sen. Tim Scott doesn’t have time for the ridiculousness of racist obsession.

The South Carolina Republican’s made mince meat of the silliness before, which I covered in “Black Congressman Smacks Down Race-Baiting Nitwittery.”

Get ready for another smackdown.

And this time, it’s over the absolutely relentless castigation of Donald J. Trump.

Tim defended the President Monday on Fox News program The Ingraham Angle. He told host Laura the nonsense stinks:

“What you do smell — not hear, but smell — is fear. What you smell is fear on the Left.”

He’s right about the constant, constant, constant…did I say constant? If not, the constant claims of racism. Sometimes it seems that’s all there is. About Trump. About Republicans. About conservatives. About everything. It’s never ending, and never endingly bizarre:

“They have been consistently using the race card. Every single time there’s a presidential run, you’ll hear John McCain — racist. Mitt Romney — racist. Ronald Reagan — racist. George Bush — racist. [George] W. [Bush] — racist.”

In my opinion, when it’s all they appear to know to say, the claims cease to have any meaning. It just becomes noise. It becomes the sound of a side without any ideas.

Tim colored it the lowest of the low:

“Why do they continue to find that narrative? Because they understand that the lowest common denominator in politics is fear and division.”

The 2nd-term congressman also served up this:

“Well, there’s no doubt that President Trump is not a racist, and the facts are very simple: that the same folks that voted for me [also] voted for President Trump because President Trump made promises to the voters, and he’s keeping the promises. So without any question, if you look at his legacy, it will be his accomplishments in office == frankly, helping in many, many ways African Americans. … President Trump has been able to deliver policies that have promoted, encouraged, and inspired growth in the African American community, economically in a way that no president has done in the last 40 years. This president is not a racist.”

You know that “ideas” thing I said? Tim seems to be of a like mind:

“Look, if you were running on the Left, would you run on the Green New Deal? Would you run on the 70% new income tax? Would you run on a 4% wealth tax? Would you run on a financial transaction tax? No. What else would you run on? Well, you’d run on some tired narrative that the President, because he’s a Republican, has to be somehow a racist.”

The senator also gave me an Amen here:

“It is inconsistent with reality. It’s a different dimension that I don’t understand, and frankly, the more you use the concept of racism, the more we grow “ism” fatigue in this country. And that is a terrible place for us to be. The greatest threat by overusing racism is that when there is an actual challenge, you’ve cried wolf in the wilderness one time too many.”

Tim Scott is right on the money. When will so many Democrats determine that talk of positive solutions more effectively compel voters than do cries of negative problems?

And when they never stop harping on the same problem, after a time, incidentally, it tends to suggest they don’t have a solution.