Thursday, December 02, 2021

Gallup Poll Finds Inflation is Causing Hardship in 71 Percent of Low Income Families

By  Tom Borelli 

A new poll from Gallup found inflation is causing financial hardship in almost half of U.S. households.

The poll reported 35 percent said they were suffering moderate hardship and 10 percent said the level of hardship was severe.

Most concerning is that inflation is causing financial hardship in 71 percent of low income families.

Inflation is causing a problem for President Biden as measured in other polls and his chief of staff Ron Klain seems out of touch with Americans that are suffering because of the spike in prices.

Klain was criticized for promoting a tweet that said inflation was a high class problem.

Inflation is punishing American families and it’s hurting those at the bottom of the economic scale the most.

Biden and Democrats are going to pay a political price for advancing policies that boosted inflation to the highest in three decades.