Wednesday, January 06, 2016

JIHAD, TRUMP and the lessons of CHURCHILL

By James Lewis

In 1940, on the eve of World War 2, when the English Parliament finally grasped the full disaster of appeasement, these were the words M.P. Leo Amery spoke to Neville Chamberlain. The full quote, from Oliver Cromwell, is:

"Depart, I say, and let us have done with you. In the name of God, go!"

A crucial moment came in 1940, before general war broke out, when the British establishment finally saw through its own years of wishful denial. Hitler used those years to build overwhelming arms superiority, threatening and invading one country after another, spreading terror and fear through Europe while promising peace, peace, and more peace. After the "Norway debate" of 1940, Neville Chamberlain took public responsibility for his failures and resigned. Churchill was quickly asked to form the next government. He was ready, and the political establishment finally flipped on the very edge of disaster.

We are now living through an eerily similar moment. Jihadists use Nazi methods to terrify people long before they have the power to impose sharia tyranny. They work to win the psychological war long before they take over. Today, jihad is buying politicians in Europe and the U.S., with the constant promise of peace. We are seeing a sophisticated propaganda war against us, full of smiling agents of influence like CAIR, paving the way for jihad by the sword. These tactics were worked out long ago, when the early Mohammedan jihadists conquered the Persian and Byzantine Empires, the greatest powers of the time.

It is impossible to exaggerate how close Europe came to extinction in the Hitler war. Peaceful peoples have a hard time even imagining deadly danger, and most European countries just collapsed from the terror and intimidation that Hitler spread. French resistance to the Blitzkrieg lasted only a few weeks before the government surrendered and fled to Vichy.

Aggressors like the Nazis and jihadists try to win long before open battle breaks out. They win by terror. That is the goal of jihad today. Before Hitler grabbed Czechoslovakia and its arms factories, the Nazis actually had smaller military forces than Europe's democratic countries combined. If France, Britain, Czechoslovakia, and Poland had found the courage to stand together, Hitler would have been too weak to attack. He psyched out his victims one by one, snatching the closest ones while telling the rest about his peaceful intentions. The suckers believed him. They fell for it every single time, until 1940 or so.

Winston Churchill watched it happen with open eyes, but helpless to act. Today millions of people can see it but feel helpless to act.

That is where we are in the jihad war today. Serious people like Admiral James Lyons are publicly warning about jihadist infiltration of our intelligence establishment. We can see it with our own eyes in the Obama crowd and with Hillary's personal aide, Huma Abedin. The evidence is at your fingertips if you have the courage to see it.

Jihad infiltration is not hard to see. But for ignorant and avoidant people, it is hard to believe. Jihad strategy is based on peaceful peoples being stuck in deep denial until it is too late.

Donald Trump may be a figure of fun for the U.S. political class, but his message is Winston Churchill's, and the danger he warns about is just as real. Trump is the only person in recent memory who can pierce the wall of lies put up by the cartel media – which is deeply infiltrated by jihadist money and propaganda. Trump may look like a pop culture icon, but in fact he may signal a major turning point in the jihad war.

The media-power class are deeply invested in the Big Lie, which is why they fear the truth. They will be the last to admit what we all know.

"War is deception," said Sun Tzu. If that is true, the truth-tellers are the most important people today. Even if the corrupt media greet the truth with ridicule. The media class are not on our side. The Donald Trumps and the truth-tellers are. That's the secret to Trump's popularity.

This is the time for Americans to tell mentally stuck politicians to go home. We don't have the parliamentary tradition of politicians resigning when they turn into visible disasters. The American equivalent is: "Throw the bums out!"

But the meaning is Oliver Cromwell's:

"Depart, I say, and let us have done with you. In the name of God, go!"