Friday, May 27, 2016

Morning Joe Blasts Hillary Clinton's "Mindboggling" Deceit Over Emails


 As Wednesday’s devastating OIG report made abundantly clear, Hillary Clinton and her aides have been misleading the public about her email scandal from the very beginning. But even as media outlets call Clinton out for her falsehoods, her campaign isn’t letting the facts get in the way of selling their “big spin job.”
In fact, spokesman Brian Fallon went as far to tell that even though the IG report contradicts a multitude of Clinton’s claims, that “doesn’t make her statements untruthful.” Really, Brian?
Associated Press: “Over the months, Hillary Clinton misstated key facts about her use of private email and her own server for her work as secretary of state…” “The State Department inspector general contradicts several of Clinton's long-standing talking points.”
Washington Post: “Hillary Clinton is sticking to her story on the email controversy. That doesn’t make it true.”