Tuesday, May 03, 2016

The Corrupt Clinton Campaign Rambles On

2016 Election News Complied By The RNC

Hillary Clinton brought on a former aide who helped organize a “wide-reaching campaign finance scandal” during her 2008 presidential run.
The Washington Times reports: Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton is bringing on Minyon Moore, a longtime aide tied to disgraced political financier Jeffrey Thompson, as a senior adviser to her campaign to focus on political outreach and strategy.
 Moore was at the center of a 2008 fundraising scheme tied to Thompson, who was convicted of funding a “shadow campaign” for former D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray in 2010. 
Thompson also pleaded guilty in 2014 to funneling more than $600,000 in illicit donations to Clinton’s 2008 White House bid.
According to court documents, Moore asked Thompson to pay for canvassers and “street teams” to reach minority voters in several key early-primary states during the 2008 Democratic presidential nominating contest.
The Sanders campaign is accusing Hillary Clinton of “laundering” donations though the Hillary Victory Fund.
CNN reports: Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders campaign spent part of Monday fighting over how much money the front-runner's operation has actually raised for state parties, with Sanders' campaign charging Clinton with "laundering" donations.
"Secretary Clinton is looting funds meant for the state parties to skirt fundraising limits on her presidential campaign," Jeff Weaver, Sanders' campaign manager, said in a statement Monday.
"We think the Clinton campaign should let the state parties keep their fair share of the cash,” Weaver continued.
Weaver added, "If Secretary Clinton can't raise the funds needed to run in a competitive primary without resorting to laundering, how will she compete against Donald Trump in a general election?"
Hillary Clinton was confronted by a laid off coal worker over her comments promising “to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business.”
Fox News reports: Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was confronted Monday at a campaign stop in West Virginia by a laid-off coal worker over previous comments she made that “we’re going to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business.”
Clinton was attending a panel discussion with residents and Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin in Williamson, W. Va. when she was asked a question by Bo Copley  who told her he was a laid off worker in the coal industry.
“I just want to know how you can say you’re going to put a lot of coal miners out of, out of jobs, and then come in here and tell us how you’re going to be our friend, because those people out there don’t see you as a friend,” Copley said, sometimes breaking into tears, as the chants of the protesters were heard outside.
The Republican National Committee responded Monday to Clinton calling her earlier comments a “misstatement.”
“If Hillary Clinton really stood with coal country she’d be calling on the Obama EPA to stop taking a wrecking ball to their way of life. Given her steadfast support for Obama’s War on Coal, her promise to ‘put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business’ may have been one of the few honest moments she’s had this entire campaign,” said RNC spokesman Michael Short.
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