Saturday, August 05, 2017

The Trump Economic Surge: Record 153,513,000 Employed in July; 62.9% Labor Force Participation

The U.S. economy added 209,000 net jobs in July, beating expectations by more than 25,000 jobs, while the unemployment rate ticked down slightly to 4.3 percent from 4.4 percent.

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Big week!  Winning is good...and winning to Make America Great Again is even better.  

This week the stock market hit an all-time high at 22K!  

The White House has also introduced the RAISE Act this week which will prove to be a hot topic.  

Consumer confidence is rising, jobs are being created, and the economy is revving up.

What's happening...

Senators Tom Cotton and David Perdue joined President Donald Trump in introducing The Reforming American Immigration for a Strong Economy Act (RAISE Act). The RAISE Act is aimed at creating a skills-based immigration system that will make America more competitive, raise wages for American workers, and create jobs.
  • Only 6.7 percent of all immigrants since 2001, or 1 out of every 15, are in the U.S. on an employment or skills-based visa
  • The generation-long influx of cheap, low-skill, immigrant labor has depressed the wages of working Americans
  • While higher-skill Americans have seen their wages rise since 1979, the wages of Americans without a high school diploma have dropped 17 percent
  • Welfare rates among low skill and unskilled immigrant households receive welfare benefits at a much higher rate than U.S. native households (51.3% to 30.2%)
  • Welfare rates among low-skill and unskilled immigrants are at alarmingly high levels (75.7 percent for those with less than a high school education)
"Why Trump Is Right about Immigration"
- Mark Krikorian, The National Interest

"But in the long run the more important questions are: What are the rules? How many people should the federal immigration program admit each year? How should they be selected? How can we minimize the harm from the program while maximizing the benefits?
Senators Tom Cotton and David Perdue have started to answer these questions. "
Economic Optimism
  • Already in 2017, the Dow Jones Industrial Average has had 28 record highs, including this past week at 22K!
  • The Conference Board’s Consumer Confidence Index rose in July to near a 16 year high, with consumers' short-term outlook improving.
  • The National Association of Manufacturers’ Outlook Survey showed the highest two-quarter average, of 91.4 % for manufacturing optimism in the survey’s 20-year history.
  • The Institute for Supply Management reported that its June barometer of manufacturing rose to 57.8, surpassing estimates for a gain to 55.3, growing at its fastest pace in three years.
  • According to June’s CNBC All-America Economic Survey, 54% of Americans think their home prices will rise in the next year.
  • Wells Fargo/Gallup Small Business Index said small business owners are the most optimistic since July 2007.
#FakeNews New York Times Story

Accusation: The New York Times reports “U.S. Rights Unit Shifts to Study Antiwhite Bias” claiming the Civil Rights Division in the Justice Department will scrutinize policies on affirmative action at universities, based on evidence of an internal personnel posting.

The Truth:
  • Press reports regarding the personnel posting in the Civil Rights Division have been inaccurate  
  • The posting sought volunteers to investigate one administrative complaint filed by a coalition of 64 Asian-American associations in May 2015 that the prior Administration left unresolved.  
  • The complaint alleges racial discrimination against Asian Americans in a university’s admissions policy and practices.  
  • This Department of Justice has not received or issued any directive, memorandum, initiative, or policy related to university admissions in general.  
  • The Department of Justice is committed to protecting all Americans from all forms of illegal race-based discrimination.
Instead of seeking the truth, the mainstream media Attacked the White House proving their confirmation bias:

REPORTER: Does the President believe that white applicants to college are the victim of discrimination?

SANDERS: I'm sorry?

REPORTER: Does the President believe that white applicants to college are the victim of discrimination?

SANDERS: I'm not aware of that opinion at all. I certainly haven't had that conversation or have any reason to --

REPORTER: Then can you explain why the Justice Department's civil rights division is --

SANDERS: What an accusatory question, but I'd be happy to respond. "The New York Times" article is based entirely on a personnel posting in violation of Department of Justice department policy and while the White House does not confirm or deny the existence of potential investigations, the Department of Justice will always review credible allegations of discrimination on the basis of any race. and I don't have anything further on that.”

Wall Street Journal article...
 NDCTrump Leadership:
Darrell Scott - CEO
Michael Cohen - Chair
Christos Marafatsos - Vice Chair
Bruce LeVell, Executive Director
Pastor Darrell Scott, CEO NDCTrump, with President Trump at Youngstown Ohio Rally