Thursday, September 16, 2021

President Joe "Obama" Biden

By Rick Hayes | The Daily Hayes

Although it appears that President Joe Biden may be experiencing some form of severe dementia, he also seems to be suffering from a condition known as dissociative identity disorder, which is characterized by the presence of two or more distinct personalities. In Biden's case, he is taking on the character and goals of his former boss President Obama.

From the very start of his presidency, Biden embraced and accelerated Obama's anti-American policies as if they were his own. So indistinguishable are the two Democrats' destructive strategies that President Trump's four years could be rightly be seen as a brief intermission to a two-part horror movie.

Under President Obama, the Middle East became a chaotic mess as ISIS was establishing its Caliphate. According to a November 2017 article by the Wilson Center, at its territorial peak in fall 2014, ISIS controlled 41,000 square miles in Iraq and Syria and ruled over eight million people. It attracted more than 40,000 foreign fighters from 120 countries and mobilized over 25,000 from inside Syria and Iraq. 

Economically, it was self-sustaining through oil sales, taxes, looting, smuggling, and extortion, and it averaged $81 million a month in revenues in spring 2015.

Somehow Biden perceived those calamitous years filled with beheadings and the slaughter of women and children as the golden age for far-left Democrat policies and leadership. A moment in time to be replicated and sustained.

 Hence, Biden has done more harm to The United States, western allies, and freedom in 8 months than Obama was able to do in 8 years, as hard as that is to accomplish. Biden is on course to surpass Obama in embarrassing America and supercharging ISIS for another run at taking over large areas in the Middle East. 

 Like seed money, Biden has started off Islamic terrorists with an entire country to act like a base from which to spread Jihad throughout the region and beyond. 

According to a September 2021 article in Newsweek, ISIS obtained much of this arsenal due to former President Obama's support for rebels in Syria. By purchasing "large numbers" of European arms and ammunition and then diverting them to nonstate actors in Syria without notifying the sellers, the U.S. reportedly "violated the terms of sale and export agreed between weapon exporters...and recipients."

 Biden has managed to top Obama's insane behavior by arming the Taliban with 90 billion dollars worth of U.S. military equipment, the world's most expensive military airbase, and multimillion dollars worth of modern infrastructure. Under Biden's short watch, the Taliban evolved from a subdued assortment of rebels with inferior weaponry to one of the world's best armed, best situated military terrorist organizations.

Biden followed up Obama's attempt to release $221 million to the Palestinian Authority by giving $260 million to Afghanistan in "redirected funds" for humanitarian aid. As if the Taliban, as they have done in the past, won't seize a large portion of those funds. And Biden looks to relive a nightmare by re-entering the disastrous, one-sided Obama nuclear deal with Iran. 

 Keeping in lockstep with Obama's Anti-American domestic policies, Biden has opened wide the southern border allowing hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants and members of terrorist organizations aspiring to kill U.S. citizens inside the wall he stopped from completion. 

 China's President Xi Jinping working with Russian President Vladimir Putin, couldn't harm The United States worse than the Democrat Party, Biden, and the Democrat propaganda media already has. 

But what if Biden doesn't have a dissociative identity disorder? What if he has lost most of his mental abilities and is acting on mere instinct? The only other explanation for these consistent and constant destructive policies is that anti-American forces within the government are manipulating a confused, cognitively impaired President.