Saturday, January 13, 2024

Biden 'Saves' Democracy by Destroying It

By Victor Davis Hanson |

AP Photo/Stephanie Scarbrough

When faced with the possible return of former President Donald Trump, the current agenda of the Democratic Party is summed up simply as "We had to destroy democracy to save it."

The effort shares a common theme: Any means necessary are justified to prevent the people from choosing their own president, given the fear that a majority might vote to elect Trump.

Sometimes, the anti-democratic paranoia has been outsourced to state and local officials and prosecutors to erase Trump from the primary and likely general election ballots as well.

One unelected official in Maine, Secretary of State Shenna Bellows, is a Democrat, an official never elected by the people, and a non-lawyer rendering a legal edict. Yet she has judged Trump guilty of "insurrection."

And presto, she erased his name from the state's ballot.

Yet Trump was never charged, much less convicted, of "insurrection."

The statute Bellows cites is a post-Civil War clause of the 14th Amendment. It was passed over a century and a half ago. It was never intended to be used in an election year by an opposition party to disbar a rival presidential candidate.

In the earlier case of Colorado, the all-Democrat Supreme Court took Trump off the ballot in a 4-3 vote.

In sum, just five officials in two states have taken away the rights of some 7 million Americans to vote for the president of their choice.

Note that Trump continues to lead incumbent President Joe Biden in the polls.

Sometimes, indictments are preferred to prevent Americans from voting for or against Trump.

Currently, four leftist prosecutors -- three state and one federal -- have indicted Trump.

They are petitioning courts to accelerate the usually lethargic legal process to ensure that Trump is tied up nonstop in Atlanta, Miami, New York, and Washington, D.C. courtrooms during the 2024 election cycle.

Their aim is to keep Trump from campaigning, as he faces four left-wing prosecutors, four liberal judges, and four or five overwhelmingly Democratic jury pools.

Yet all the indictments are increasingly clouded in controversy if not outright scandal.

Georgia prosecutor Fani Willis campaigned on promises to get Trump. She now faces allegations that she outsourced the prosecution to an unqualified personal injury lawyer -- her current stealth boyfriend who was paid handsomely by Willis's office and traveled on pricey junkets with her.

New York partisan Attorney General Letitia James likewise sought office on promises to destroy Trump.

She preposterously claims Trump overvalued his real estate collateral to a bank. Yet it eagerly made the loan, profited from it, and had no complaints, given that Trump paid off the principal and interest as required.

Manhattan prosecutor Alvin Bragg is even more desperate. He is now prosecuting Trump for campaign finance violations from nearly a decade ago, claiming a nondisclosure agreement with a purported sexual liaison somehow counts as a campaign violation.

Federal special prosecutor Jack Smith claims Trump should be convicted of improperly removing classified documents after leaving office. In the past, such disagreements over presidential papers were resolved bureaucratically.

Biden, for example, improperly took out classified files after leaving the Senate and vice presidency and stored them in unsecured locations for over a decade.

All of these prosecutors are unapologetic anti-Trump progressives.

Some have communicated with the White House legal eagles, even though Biden is likely to face Trump in the November election.

Some prosecutors are themselves facing controversies if not scandals. Some wish to synchronize their drawn-out investigations and indictments to hinder the Trump reelection effort.

At other times, the effort to neuter Trump is waged by his rival Biden himself.

He has hammered Trump as an insurrectionist and guilty of a number of egregious crimes against democracy -- even as Biden's own attorney general has appointed a special counsel to try Trump on just those federal charges concerning the January 6 demonstrations, a dead horse that Biden periodically still beats to death to scare voters.

Biden periodically smears half of America who supported or voted for Trump as "ultra-Maga" extremists and "semi-fascists" who would destroy democracy.

Yet the more Biden and the Left weaponize the judicial system to prevent Trump from running, and the more Biden screams and yells that Trump supporters are anti-American and anti-democratic, the more Trump soars in the polls while Biden sinks.

The left privately knows that its historically unprecedented strangulation of democracy is increasing Trump's popularity. But like an addict, it cannot quit its Trump fix.

In sum, the Left is creating historic, anti-democratic precedents that will someday boomerang on Democrats should Republicans win the November election and follow the new Democrat model of extra-legal politics.

Democrats are tearing apart the country in a manner not seen since the Civil War era -- apparently convinced democracy cannot be trusted. So, itself must be sacrificed at the price of destroying Trump.


By Jeff Davidson |

AP Photo/Matt Rourke

For the last three years, like me, you’ve likely dreaded catching the news each morning. As a concerned citizen, however, you feel compelled. Lately, developments have come to light beyond the standard crap that the Biden Crime Family and the Biden Administration have perpetrated on our nation. 

Ten of Hundreds

I thought I'd heard it all, and still more unpleasantness. Here are ten examples:

1) Biden and company have been seeking funding for gender equity movements around the world to the tune of 2.6 billion dollars despite the U.S. being $34 trillion in debt.

2) The CIA conspired in the 2020 election to throw the election in Biden's favor and away from Trump, said a CIA whistleblower speaking to Jesse Watters of the Fox News Network.

3) The whistleblower told Watters that the CIA feels it's under-budgeted every year. To reduce the shortfall, they run an illicit drug program in selected regions around the world, receiving the compensation they think they deserve without having to run anything through Congress. They know that Joe Biden, an empty suit, is far easier to fool than Donald Trump, who would shut this down. 

4) In a lecture she gave in Chapel Hill, NC, journalist Heather McDonald of the Manhattan Institute pointed out that more than one in three children in grade school today identify themselves as LGBTQ. This is an astounding rise from less than a few percent just a decade ago. 

5) Why the explosion of LGBTQ self-identifiers? Such students feel as if they have power over their parents if they can choose their gender, and no one can interfere. 

6) Tucker Carlson interviewed an expert on the transgender movement who offered startling information on why the Left vehemently pushes transgenderism: If you can convince the populace that male and female are arbitrary markers, you can get people to believe anything. The Left’s assault on objective reality is their primary tool of control.

7) The top internet tech companies, in collaboration with Stanford University, created algorithms to ensure that top conservative voices, such as Molly Hemingway and Victor Davis Hansen, were muted on the internet while top Democrat voices were given huge fanfare -- a complete contortion of the right to free speech in America!

8) Dinesh D'Souza’s new documentary, following “2000 Mules,” is titled “Police State.” He pinpoints how and where the FBI and other law enforcement agencies have violated their oaths of office, breaking into the homes of political enemies with guns drawn when a simple knock on the door would do. They intentionally terrorize the families of the targets whom they wish to incarcerate.

9) Anthony Fauci, as now fully documented, has been lying to Congress and lying to the nation for years. He has funded gain-of-function research in China, in the U.S., and possibly elsewhere. He has funded dangerous projects, and while the press continues to cover for him, he is likely responsible for the Covid-19 outbreak that killed 6.96 million globally. Lately, in testifying before Congress, he can’t seem to recall anything.

10) The Biden Administration’s massive scheme to ship illegal aliens throughout the country, primarily to weaken the conservative communities, is more pervasive than anyone could have imagined, is amply funded and coordinated, and has been ongoing for years. 

Only a Handful

These are but a handful of the developments occurring under the Biden Administration and earlier. The people perpetrating these movements, hoaxes, crimes, and censorship do not care about America, democracy, or you. Such developments represent a power grab, a profit grab, and a prominence grab.

The only way to begin to restore our country is for a Republican to win the presidency in 2024. Governors in key states are doing their best to hold back the tide, particularly in relation to the southern border. Florida and Texas are leading away, and some progress has been made in New Mexico, Arizona, and Southern California. However, nothing compares to having the right leadership at the top. 

We need a change in the President, Secretary of Homeland Security, and indeed the entire cabinet. Otherwise, will anything ever be turned around? Leftists have their clutches on all aspects of society. They are relentless and ruthless and won't quit until they destroy everything.