Friday, January 26, 2024

On Fire Over Border


For some reason, the MSM has been downplaying the brewing constitutional crisis at the border. As Ben Shapiro noted yesterday, none of the major news outlets are giving any serious coverage of the standoff between Texas and the Biden Administration.

As of this morning, when I wrote this, you could go to the websites of The New York Times and Washington Post and not find the story on their front page. If you didn’t already know what was happening, they had no interest in telling you.

Beege wrote a great piece about it yesterday, and I will write something soon, probably next week, when the battle lines are more clearly drawn.

The MSM’s relative silence is simply an extension of their failure to cover the border crisis itself. When forced to choose between their loyalty to their readers and viewers, who deserve to know the scale of the crisis, and their loyalty to the Democrat Party, they chose the latter.

It’s important to remember what has brought us to this moment where half the states in the country are standing with Texas in what amounts to a standoff with the federal government over protecting the border. The standoff is potentially volatile, but the underlying issue is if anything, more so.

Uncounted millions–literally uncounted because the real numbers are unknown–of illegal migrants have streamed over the border over the past 3 years. The numbers aren’t just unprecedented but mindblowing. And the majority of those migrants now are unaccompanied military-aged young men–many from countries hostile to the United States.

Just the other day a citizen encountered an actual convicted terrorist who warned that we would soon know his name–and he was a “gotaway.”

Former FBI officials are sounding the warning bells about the dangers we face–what amounts to an actual invasion of the country. While the majority of illegal migrants are coming here to find a better life, a substantial minority have much darker intentions. Biden doesn’t care.

The Democrats justify their inaction on the border with the claim that they care so deeply about the suffering of the migrants that they can’t justify closing the border. It is about the women and children. They are refugees.

That’s bulls**t, and Ted Cruz called them out in a passionate speech in which he unloaded on the hypocrisy and cruelty of the Democrats, who are playing politics with the lives of both Americans and the genuine migrants who are seeking a better life.

I don’t know whether Biden is trying to start an actual armed conflict with the Red states, but if he isn’t, then I sure don’t know what else he is trying to do. He has more passion about slapping Texas down for doing its constitutional duty of defending its borders than he does for keeping the country safe or prosperous.

Even if there were no national security danger, the imminent collapse of many cities’ social service systems under the weight of the migrant flood is more than enough reason to close the border, but Biden is fighting in court and on the ground to keep the flood of migrants streaming over the border unchecked.

Migrants are dying. They are getting raped and murdered. As are Americans.

Is this about the election? It seems likely. Biden wants to run on “saving democracy” and wants to prove that “MAGA” is dangerous. I don’t think he wants a civil war, but he wants to walk up to the line.

It’s a dangerous strategy. Both politically and for our country.

However much contempt you have for the Left, it isn’t nearly enough.