Wednesday, January 31, 2024

Moore to the Point - What's the Story, Cori?

By Susie Moore |

AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana

It hasn’t been a great week for Missouri’s Cori Bush. The two-term Congresswoman is already facing a tough challenge in the upcoming Democratic primary in August. While he’s also fairly progressive, St. Louis County Prosecutor Wesley Bell is sane and competent, and he doesn’t make a point to pal around with known antisemites — something which one would think a candidate vying for votes would avoid, particularly in a district that is home to the largest Jewish community in the state.

Anyhoo, on top of a report indicating Bell’s trouncing Bush on the fundraising front — he’s taken in $600,000 since he entered the race while Bush has only $20,000 on hand and is $130,000 in debt — now comes word that she’s being criminally investigated by the DOJ for misuse of campaign and/or government funds for security services, complete with a subpoena served on the House Sergeant at Arms for pertinent records.

Keep in mind that Bush paid her then-boyfriend/now-husband $60,000 for “security services,” despite the fact that he’s not licensed in Missouri to provide such services. Moreover, she reportedly spent over $500,000 on security services in 2022 alone. 

For now, Bush is blaming the investigation on a vast right-wing conspiracy. But given that it’s Joe Biden’s DOJ looking into the Democrat’s finances, there’s likely some fire behind that smoke.



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