Sunday, January 21, 2024

Tucker Carlson Claims Government Planted Pipe Bombs at Capitol on January 6


AP Photo/Mark Schiefelbein

If you were anywhere near the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021, the federal government has been able to figure that out. In fact, the Biden administration recently announced it wasn’t just going to limit its aggressive prosecution and denial of due process rights to those who entered the Capitol Building peacefully, but even those who stayed outside. 

They know who they are, and anyone who supports Trump will be treated like a criminal, and so far more than 1,200 people have been arrested for one dubious charge or another, many of whom were tracked down from across the country.

Yet, with all the technology they have to identify any random person who was anywhere near the Capitol that day, one big mystery remains: who planted pipe bombs at RNC and DNC headquarters the day before?

They have surveillance footage of a suspect. And yet, three years later, the FBI has managed to track down every nonviolent observer and elderly grandmother who was in town that day, but not this suspect. The FBI’s handling of this particular aspect of their J6 investigation has been suspicious, to say the least, and the agency has failed to comply with requests from Congress for more information about it.

So, what gives? Well, according to Tucker Carlson, "It seems likely that government officials were involved in planting pipe bombs in Washington, D.C. three years ago, as part of an effort to keep Donald Trump from running for president again."

Carlson covered this with Darren Beattie of Revolver News in his latest episode of "Tucker Carlson Uncensored."

They discussed video showing a man approaching law enforcement outside the DNC building on Jan. 6, around 1:05 p.m. According to Beattie, the man was alerting the police about a pipe bomb nearby, emphasizing that Kamala Harris was expected to visit. The video shows that law enforcement was completely unconcerned, despite the fact that people, including children, are walking nearby. 

“What the individual in the backpack is doing is alerting the Metro PD and the Secret Service of the fact that there is a pipe bomb just feet away that was planted by the park bench outside of the DNC,” Beattie told Tucker. “Now, for those watching this video — and everyone has to watch this video to follow along — the first thing that will strike you as remarkable is just how utterly unconcerned both the Metro PD and the Secret Service are about being informed that there was a pipe bomb, literally within feet of them and within feet of their protectee, who was VP-Elect Kamala Harris.”

“You’ll notice if you watch from approximately 107 to 109 in the timestamp. Utterly lackadaisical, utterly unconcerned,” he continued. "It takes them minutes to even get out of their vehicles, at which point they’re just kind of lingering around, uninterested. Unconcerned.”

Beattie noted that this moment was “enough to be a national scandal and blow up in this investigation, with severity.”

He’s right. Why wasn’t the area cleared right away? Shouldn’t it have been discovered much earlier in a security sweep of the area because of Harris’s planned visit? According to Beattie, the bomb had to have been there for roughly 17 hours. Beattie also wondered why Harris hasn’t ever exploited this particular story.

“You would think that of all institutions, the DNC would be interested in covering the identity of the person — allegedly, this MAGA terrorist who planted an explosive device right outside of their national headquarters —  and yet they seem to be the least interested, all the way up to the fact that Kamala Harris, the vice president, has for some reason forgone the opportunity of milking politically the fact that she was at the DNC while the pipe bomb was there,” Beattie pointed out.

The person who alerted the Metro PD and Secret Service was also originally unidentified before being revealed as a plainclothes Capitol Police officer.

“The surveillance footage does not reveal anything consistent with the idea that there was some kind of commotion or aggressive search going on that could have plausibly led to the discovery of the DNC bomb after the RNC one was found. It was total nonchalance; nothing going on that would be consistent with that,” Beattie told Tucker. “And so if we don’t have this story that okay, the RNC one was discovered, and for some reason they assume there must be one at the DNC, which would be a bizarre leap of logic to begin with, but that we see that there was no concern, no commotion, no urgency whatsoever at the DNC. That leaves us with yet another remarkable coincidence that the DNC bomb just happened to be discovered within that narrow, 15-minute time frame of the discovery of the RNC bomb after sitting out there for 17 hours.”