Thursday, January 25, 2024

Black Democrats in Chicago Sue Mayor Johnson Over Housing for Illegal Aliens


AP Photo/Paul Beaty

Black residents of Chicago are fed up with how Mayor Brandon Johnson is running the city. So, they are suing him.

Democrat Mayor Johnson is black. Black voters in Chicago are staunchly Democrat voters. This is Democrats versus the top Democrat in a battle over who should get priority treatment as illegal aliens come into the city. The City of Chicago is trying to convert community centers and school buildings to shelter illegals. Two lawsuits by black Chicago residents have forced the city to abandon it plans to use community centers as shelters.

About 35,000 illegal aliens have been bussed to Chicago from Texas over the last 18 months. Shelter space is quickly running out. Warehouses have been converted to shelters and are filled to capacity. Illegals are living in poor conditions and that is causing city officials to look for other venues.

One of the new venues chosen was a field house at Amundsen Park. This is where local kids play football instead of roaming the streets and a daycare is located there.

Residents were furious their neighborhood’s ‘crown jewel’ would be taken away to house migrants and after protests failed, a few tried something else.

Cata Truss, a government employee and Democrat, and Gerald Harris, who coaches the teens in football at the park, sued the city with their neighbors last October.

Handwriting the lawsuit in a notebook, she argued the field house was ‘designated for recreational use within the community’ and nothing else.

Truss is also angry that Mayor Johnson’s administration has spent more than $250M providing services for illegal aliens when her community is in poverty. She said that there is a humanitarian crisis in Chicago’s black community. Yet, when the community has a need, the city tells them there is no money.

About 28 per cent of the neighborhood lives below the poverty line, and residents complain funding to improve their lives is hard to come by.
Harris said with 70 percent of the teens he coached coming from households with a single mother, he was a ‘surrogate father’ to many of them and the neighborhood needed the football program.

Over on the South Side of Chicago, another successful lawsuit objected to an abandoned school being converted into a shelter.

J Darnell Jones, a DEI consultant and former US Navy officer, sued the city when he learned of the plans last May.

South Shore High School was closed for lack of funding years ago and the 94 per cent black neighborhood has long campaigned for it to become a community center.

Jones said that despite the mayor blaming Texas Governor Abbott for the city’s problems with illegal aliens, the open border is the fault of Joe Biden.

Immigration and the open border is a top issue for voters this cycle, a presidential election year. Voters traditionally taken for granted by Democrats are moving away from Biden out of frustration. Every state is a border state now and sanctuary cities are being forced to do as Texas has to do – go it alone without adequate assistance from the federal government. Biden chooses to ignore the catastrophe he has intentionally created on the southern border.

Poor communities are hit hardest by the Biden border crisis. Sanctuary cities are making illegal aliens a priority over those who legally live in the cities. Their needs come before those who live in communities who are told to just wait, there is no money for the community’s problems. This is Joe Biden’s America.

Democrat politicians who have embraced being sanctuary cities and states may find themselves out of office soon. Normal people don’t want to live that way. Maybe this election cycle will bring about some change in political leadership. It’s the only hope of saving America.