Monday, January 22, 2024

Time for Us DeSantis Supporters to Rally Around Donald Trump

By Kurt Schlichter |

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

Now that Governor Ron DeSantis has dropped out of the race and endorsed Donald Trump, I have a message for all my fellow Ron DeSantis supporters about how to move forward after a bruising primary campaign where we came up short.

Get over it.

Losing sucks. But there’s a maxim among trial lawyers that applies equally to people involved in politics over the long haul, and that’s if you’ve never lost a case, you never try cases. I am immensely proud to have supported Ron DeSantis. We gave it our best shot. We had a great candidate who has a great future, and we gave as good as we got. But we got it hard. That’s because it was a primary. You are supposed to get hit hard. Politics ain’t beanbag. Politics is tough, and people are in it to win it. But now the primaries are done. Our guy has endorsed Donald Trump. Time to rub some dirt on our wounds, get back in the game, and bring home the big win for America.

Yes, I know there were some stupid people out there who said some stupid things. Stop caring about what stupid people say. In the long run, this will make you much happier. Every campaign has some dingbats. Every campaign has some weirdos. Dingbats and weirdos say stupid and ugly things. But there’s a secret weapon that defeats them. It’s called “indifference.” I don’t care what @FatMAGADeadbeatDad69 or any other human cartoon character says. I don’t care if they tweet about my mother or my dogs or tell me that my books are terrible. My mom wouldn’t care, nor do my dogs, and my books are awesome and best sellers. Insults and lame memes don’t matter to me. Don’t let them matter to you. And certainly don’t let them keep you from doing what you need to do.

And what you need to do is get on board and fight for the guy who won fair and square. Yeah, fair and square. In primaries, you go out, you make your case, and part of that means cutting down the other guy. If you can’t get your head around that reality, you probably shouldn’t be involved in politics. This is a tough game. It’s not for the faint of heart. Donald Trump doesn’t take it personally. As soon as Chris Christie dropped out to take on his new role as spokesman for Golden Corral, Trump was saying nice things about him. And after Ron DeSantis dropped out and properly endorsed the President in one of the best and most gracious concession speeches I’ve ever seen, Trump said he was “honored” by the endorsement of Ron DeSantis. Why, after so much acrimony? Because it’s not personal, it’s just business.

Look, I will not start sugarcoating it for you now. I still believe Donald Trump has an uphill fight to win in November. He’s got a chance to win, probably a little higher than he did a year ago, but the advantage still lies with that desiccated zombie pervert because of the irrational hatred of Donald Trump of so many people. Republicans shouldn’t add to that challenge because they are ticked off. Maybe you don’t like Donald Trump‘s tweets. Maybe you don’t like his behavior. Maybe you have some rational critiques of his policies. Whatever. Get over it.

American elections are binary choices. If you don’t choose the Republican, you’re helping the Democrat. And look at what the Democrats want to do. This isn’t an election where we can shrug and wait four years for another shot. That’s another 10 million illegals, a couple of SCOTUS seats, and who knows how many wars. This is existential. Our garbage elite is not only evil but stupid, so stupid and arrogant that it is bound to do things to our country that can’t be undone. This is serious, and your choice matters. Donald Trump may not be perfect. Lord knows I’ve pointed out his imperfections and how I thought Ron DeSantis was a superior candidate. But you know, my party decided to stick with Donald Trump, and I’m going to stick with my party.

Don’t confuse being butthurt over some third-tier slanders by ridiculous fringies or the disappointment that comes with losing when you think you should’ve won with occupying the moral high ground. You’re not a better person if your actions help Joe Biden win. You’re mad. I get it. Let it go. 

Want to know one key reason I am so intent on electing Donald Trump? There are a ton of issues that are important to me. Closing the border. The economy. Free speech. Foreign policy. But one that hits home for me is that Biden is getting our troops killed, and he will get more of them killed through its gross incompetence if he is reelected. They deserve a leader who will have their backs. I led American soldiers. I was there when an American soldier died overseas in the service of his country. And I had the honor of representing, for a short time, one of the families of one of the troops killed in Kabul by the gross incompetence of this administration. I saw the consequences of the Biden administration personally. This is real. It is life and death. You choose Biden and you choose dead Americans. You can say what you want about Trump, but he took care of our men and women in uniform. He didn’t squander their lives. He didn’t look at his watch when their bodies were hauled off the back of a C-130. I can list dozens of reasons to support Donald Trump, but for me, it starts and stops with those young men and women.

That’s just me. That’s just my vote. I’m not presuming to tell you how to vote. I will give you my opinion on why you should vote for Donald Trump, but you’re free to disregard it. It’s a free country – at least until Biden is reelected.

I just hope you will think carefully about your choice if you are a DeSantis supporter who is still mad about the primary. Most of us are already backing the President. Governor DeSantis is supporting Donald Trump. And if you aren’t, you’re supporting Biden.

Get up, brush off the dirt, and get back in the game. Up and down the ballot, from top to bottom, we have got to win. It matters – it matters more than our disappointment and anger. The guy we supported sees that. And the Governor is right as usual. Let’s do this thing.