Saturday, January 06, 2024

Black Chicagoans Move to Turn Liberal City Red

By Sarah Arnold |

Screenshot via YouTube

Chicago residents are fed up with Democrats ruining their once-beautiful city as the burgeoning migrant crisis sucks resources away from native Chicagoans who are suffering under President Joe Biden’s policies.

As the Windy City continues to face unprecedented amounts of border crossers wreaking havoc on neighborhoods, Black Chicagoans are ready for Republicans to flip Chicago red. 

Chicago residents Cata Truss and Mark Carter appeared on Fox & Friends First to bring attention to the growing border crisis that has flooded their city with illegal aliens thanks to Biden’s open border policies. 

“The Democratic Party has always neglected to pay attention to the Black community,” Truss said. “That is traditional, and because we have been so committed to supporting that party, they feel that they can continue to disrespect us, to marginalize us, to not hear our voices.”

Truss went on to slam Democrat Mayor Brandon Johnson for refusing to stop illegal aliens from ruining the Windy City. She said that after only eight months of Johnson being in office, it is clear the Democratic Party will not stand up and make a change. 

Truss, a long-time Democrat voter, admitted that you “can’t keep doing the same old thing and expecting a different outcome,” adding that it’s time for “the citizens of Chicago to turn Chicago red.”

Meanwhile, Carter is accusing Democrats of pushing illegal migrants into the U.S. to “replace” black Americans. This comes at a time when black and minority voters are moving away from supporting Biden. 

“It took a while for people to cozy up and warm up to Donald Trump. I understood that the Democratic Party had done just that, done away with our humility,” Carter said. “I knew that he would push that immigration plan to push these people back into the country to close the border, and Joe Biden did the exact opposite as soon as he got in office.”

Last month, a prominent Black Chicago activist gave a passionate speech during an all-Democrat city council meeting, calling on officials to immediately handle the immigrant crisis by "sending them all back." 

He condemned Biden's unwillingness to secure the border, urging former President Trump to "come in here and clean up this mess" as illegal aliens come into our country and reap the same benefits, if not better, than hard-working American taxpayers. 

More than 26,000 illegal aliens have arrived in Chicago since last year, with nearly 1,200 migrants camping out at the city's O'Hare Airport as well as several police stations. 

Chicago has earmarked nearly $24 million to winterize tents to shelter thousands of illegal migrants who have arrived in the city during the cold months.