Monday, September 23, 2019

Ukraine ‘Bombshell’ Will Explode in Democratic Faces

Rep. Adam Schiff (YouTube screenshot)

They have far more to lose from the “whistleblower” scandal than does the president.

The Democrats increasingly resemble those wannabe jihadis who blow themselves to rags by mishandling homemade explosives. Their animus for President Trump is such that they consistently underestimate the danger to themselves presented by “bombshell” revelations when managed with insufficient care. The already questionable credibility of Elizabeth Warren was recently damaged when, based on a now-debunked New York Times story, she precipitously demanded the impeachment of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. A similarly impulsive Democratic response to the “explosive” claims made by an anonymous intelligence official about a telephone conversation between President Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky will inevitably explode in their faces.

Joe Biden is particularly vulnerable on this score. The substance of the call involved Trump’s request for an investigation into the business dealings of Biden’s son, Hunter, according to the “whistleblower.” The erstwhile VP is extraordinarily foolish to draw further attention to a son who has long been suspected of improperly leveraging his father’s prominent role in Ukrainian relations with the United States. Biden, however, is not exactly renowned for his critical thinking skills. Consequently, he responded defensively to a reporter’s question about his son’s Ukrainian activities during a Saturday event in Iowa by calling for an investigation into the whistleblower’s accusation: “You should be looking at Trump.… Why is he on the phone with a foreign leader, trying to intimidate a foreign leader?”

This is rich, considering that Biden has bragged in public about using his own position in the Obama administration to get a Ukrainian prosecutor fired. In 2018, Biden spoke to a meeting of the Council on Foreign Relations and boasted that he had threatened to withhold $1 billion in U.S. loan guarantees from Ukraine if Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin wasn’t immediately canned: “I looked at them and said: ‘I’m leaving in six hours. If the prosecutor is not fired, you’re not getting the money.’” The ostensible reason for this heavy-handed pressure to get rid of Shokin was the man’s corruption. Presumably, it was just a coincidence that this particular prosecutor was planning an investigation into Burisma Holdings, a Ukrainian company for which Hunter Biden worked as a “consultant.”

Biden was not alone in denouncing President Trump for his alleged attempt to “intimidate” Ukrainian president Zelensky. Julián Castro, another unemployed Obama administration official pursuing the Democratic presidential nomination, tweeted the following: “Donald Trump is a criminal. He must be impeached immediately.” Saturday, Castro began a speech with another demand that the House take immediate action to remove the president: “Let me begin with a message for our House Democratic friends — it is time for you to do your job and impeach Donald Trump.” This was a big applause line for his audience, but it contained no constitutional justification for such action by the House. As Jonathan Turley, Professor of Public Interest Law at George Washington University, writes:

Trump is accused of pressing the Ukrainian president eight times to work with his attorney Rudy Giuliani to investigate Biden. There is no allegation of an express promise of money in exchange for such an investigation. Such a quid pro quo could be the basis for a criminal charge, but the current allegations are short of the “quid” in the “pro quo.” While one could legitimately say that an express promise was hardly necessary … it still is not a crime for a president to ask a foreign leader to investigate crimes.

Not that trivial matters such as evidence or law have much influence on what Castro says. He will say just about anything to change the dynamic of his campaign. His support among Democratic primary voters is still stuck at 1 percent in most polls. A similar level of desperation is why Kamala Harris has also joined the chorus of Trump denunciations, while issuing a ridiculous call for the mystery whistleblower to simply ignore current law, which does not allow uncorroborated accusations to be taken directly before Congress: “I absolutely urge this whistleblower to go directly to Congress, whether in closed session or open.” The downward trajectory of her campaign has reduced her support to mid-single digits, and she, like Castro, will say anything to change that deadly dynamic.

Elizabeth Warren has also piled on, though for different reasons. Unlike Biden, whose campaign can’t possibly be aided by dwelling on the president’s imaginary offenses against Ukraine, Sen. Warren can use it to finally replace the former VP as the front-runner for the Democratic nomination. She can have the best of both political worlds by denouncing Trump and reminding all of Joe Biden’s supporters that his skullduggery in Ukraine while part of the Obama administration destroys his “electability” argument. Thus she declares, “After the Mueller report, Congress had a duty to begin impeachment. By failing to act, Congress is complicit in Trump’s latest attempt to solicit foreign interference to aid him in US elections. Do your constitutional duty and impeach the president.”

And she has a willing accomplice in Rep. Adam Schiff, Chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, who has been gunning for Trump for nearly three years. But Schiff can’t call an anonymous whistleblower before his committee, and the relevant statute doesn’t apply to the president in the absence of a quid pro quo arrangement. Rep. Schiff went on CNN Sunday and threatened to defund the nation’s intelligence apparatus unless the Trump administration prostrates itself before Congress. Schiff has forgotten about the separation of powers doctrine, and that certain functions — like the conduct of foreign policy — are reserved to the executive branch. No amount of bluster from Rep. Schiff or desperate Democratic presidential candidates will alter that reality.

In other words, the Democrats are again making wild charges based on the claims of someone who has no firsthand knowledge of the conversation during which the impeachable offenses allegedly took place. These charges have been denied by the Ukrainian government and declared ridiculous by the president, yet the Dems are yammering about impeachment. Like all of the other “bombshells” invented to destroy Trump, this one will blow up in their faces. It will destroy Joe Biden’s faltering campaign, and the Democrats will continue to sink even lower in the esteem of the voters. When the smoke clears after this fake scandal blows what remains of Democratic credibility to ribbons, the president will have been re-elected, the GOP will control the House, and the voters will have been vindicated.



Joe Biden’s Scandals Will Sink His Candidacy

Here’s the truth: Joe Biden’s family has capitalized off of sweetheart deals only available because of his political connections.

From Hunter profiting off of his father’s diplomacy to using his father’s name and position to get business, the Biden family is no stranger to quid pro quo.

And Biden is already not handling this subject well – over the weekend he lied about whether or not he ever discussed business with his son.

For more on Joe Biden’s history of conflicts of interest see below from RNC Research:

Quid Pro Joe

Joe Biden Has A Tangled History Of Swampy Dealings And Quid Pro Quo Including Pressuring For The Removal Of A Ukrainian Prosecutor And Letting His Son Hunter Piggyback Off Of His Diplomatic Meetings 


The Facts:

From 2014 to 2015, Hunter Biden and his business partners were paid $3.4 million to represent Burisma Holdings as part of an effort to have “well-connected Democrats” defend the company from U.S. and Ukrainian investigations.

The New York Times reported that, in 2016, Vice President Biden had sought for and succeeded in ousting a Ukrainian Prosecutor General that had been investigating Hunter Biden’s client Burisma.


Connected by a strong relationship between their dads, Hunter Biden and Christopher Heinz, the son of John Kerry, created Rosemont Capital in June 2009

Rather than occupy an office in New York City, Rosemont chose to operate out of the political hub of Washington D.C., just miles from their fathers’ offices.

Less than a year after opening, Rosemont Capital secured access to multiple foreign leaders including access to China “at the highest levels.”

From 2011 to 2013, multiple foreign business meetings drew public scrutiny from outsiders including one that took place just hours after “Hunter Biden’s father, the Vice President, met with Chinese President Hu in Washington.”

Rosemont Capital and Hunter Biden drew public scrutiny for piggybacking off of Joe Biden’s diplomatic trips to hold business meetings including flying on Air Force Two during Biden’s Asia pivot ventures.


In 1996, shortly after a top executive at MBNA bank bought a house from his father Joe Biden, Hunter Biden was hired by the company to a six-figure position.

While Biden was a Senator, Hunter Biden’s partners secured $25 million in federal earmarks for the University of Delaware and received firm fees totaling $1.5 million for its work on behalf of the school. 

Additionally, records show that Senator Obama also sought over $3.4 million in earmarks for clients that Hunter Biden represented.


Joe Biden’s brother, Frank Biden, used the Biden name to underwrite his Mavericks in Education project which was ultimately deemed a failure.

In 2010, James Biden was brought on to Hill International, a firm tasked with building low cost housing in Iraq, with the firm saying the Biden last name helped him get in the door.



From 2014 To 2015, Hunter Biden And His Business Partners Were Paid $3.4 Million To Represent Burisma Holdings In An Effort To Have “Well-Connected Democrats” Defend The Company From U.S. And Ukrainian Investigations

Hunter Biden Joined Burisma Holding’s Board In April 2014, During The Midst Of An “Investigation Into Money Laundering.” “Hunter Biden, 45, a former Washington lobbyist, joined the Burisma board in April 2014. That month, as part of an investigation into money laundering, British officials froze London bank accounts containing $23 million that allegedly belonged to Mr. Zlochevsky.” (The New York Times, 12/8/15)

  • Hunter Was Paid By Burisma Holdings “As Much As $50,000 Per Month In Some Months.” “He would be paid as much as $50,000 per month in some months for his work for the company, Burisma Holdings.” (The New York Times, 5/1/19)

Among The American Companies Brought In By Hunter, Was “Blue Star Strategies, A Consulting Firm Run By Clinton Administration Veterans That Had Done Substantial Work In Ukraine.” “Among the Americans brought in by Hunter Biden’s American business partners to help fend off the investigations was Blue Star Strategies, a consulting firm run by Clinton administration veterans that had done substantial work in Ukraine.” (The New York Times, 5/1/19)

From Mid-April 2014 To Late 2015, Hunter’s Company, Rosemont, Was Paid $3.4 Million For His Work On Behalf Of Burisma Holdings. “Hunter Biden’s work in Ukraine appears to have been well compensated. Burisma paid $3.4 million to a company called Rosemont Seneca Bohai LLC from mid-April 2014, when Hunter Biden and Mr. Archer joined the board, to late 2015, according to the financial data provided by the Ukrainian deputy prosecutor. The payments continued after that, according to people familiar with the arrangement.” (The New York Times, 5/1/19)

The New York Times Reported That, In 2016, Vice President Biden Had Sought For And Succeeded In Ousting A Ukrainian Prosecutor General That Had Been Investigating Hunter Biden’s Client Burisma

The New York Times Reported That, In 2016, Former Vice President Biden Threatened To Withhold $1 Billion In U.S. Loans Unless Ukraine Dismissed Their Prosecutor General, The Pressure Worked And He Was Soon Ousted By The Ukrainian Parliament. “It was a foreign policy role Joseph R. Biden Jr. enthusiastically embraced during his vice presidency: browbeating Ukraine’s notoriously corrupt government to clean up its act. And one of his most memorable performances came on a trip to Kiev in March 2016, when he threatened to withhold $1 billion in United States loan guarantees if Ukraine’s leaders did not dismiss the country’s top prosecutor, who had been accused of turning a blind eye to corruption in his own office and among the political elite. The pressure campaign worked. The prosecutor general, long a target of criticism from other Western nations and international lenders, was soon voted out by the Ukrainian Parliament.” (The New York Times, 5/1/19)

“Among Those Who Had A Stake In The Outcome” Of Biden’s Confrontation Of Ukraine’s Prosecutor Was His Son, Hunter Biden Who Sat On The Board Of An Energy Company Whose Owner “Had Been In The Sights Of The Fired Prosecutor General.”  “Among those who had a stake in the outcome was Hunter Biden, Mr. Biden’s younger son, who at the time was on the board of an energy company owned by a Ukrainian oligarch who had been in the sights of the fired prosecutor general.” (The New York Times, 5/1/19)

It’s Also Been Revealed That Hunter’s Work For Burisma Prompted “Concerns” At The State Department “That The Connection Could Complicate Vice President Biden’s Diplomacy In Ukraine.” “Hunter Biden’s work for Burisma prompted concerns among State Department officials at the time that the connection could complicate Vice President Biden’s diplomacy in Ukraine, former officials said.” (The New York Times, 5/1/19)

Former Vice President Biden Has Always Claimed That He “Acted To Carry Out United States Policy Without Regard To Any Activities Of His Son,” But A Decision By The Current Ukrainian Prosecutor General To Reverse Himself And Reopen An Investigation Into The Energy Company Has Pushed The Issue Back Into The Spotlight. “The former vice president’s campaign said that he had always acted to carry out United States policy without regard to any activities of his son, that he had never discussed the matter with Hunter Biden and that he learned of his son’s role with the Ukrainian energy company from news reports. But new details about Hunter Biden’s involvement, and a decision this year by the current Ukrainian prosecutor general to reverse himself and reopen an investigation into Burisma, have pushed the issue back into the spotlight just as the senior Mr. Biden is beginning his 2020 presidential campaign.” (The New York Times, 5/1/19)


Connected By A Strong Relationship Between Their Dads, Hunter Biden And Christopher Heinz, The Son Of John Kerry, Created Rosemont Capital In June 2009

In June 2009, In A Move That Was “Not Exactly A Bolt Out Of The Blue” Given Their Family’s Close Ties, Joe Biden And John Kerry’s Sons Went Into Business Together In Private Equity. “One of his closest political allies in Washington is former senator and former Secretary of State John Kerry. ‘Lunch Bucket Joe’ he ain’t; Kerry is more patrician than earthy. But the two men became close while serving for several decades together in the US Senate. The two ‘often talked on matters of foreign policy,’ says Jules Witcover in his Biden biography. So their sons going into business together in June 2009 was not exactly a bolt out of the blue.” (New York Post, 3/15/18)

Backed By Family Money From A “Vast Ketchup Fortune,” Chris Heinz, John Kerry’s Stepson, And A “39-Year-Old Hunter” Joined Forces To Build Upon A Network Of Existing Investment Funds. “The 39-year-old Hunter joined forces with the son of another powerful figure in American politics, Chris Heinz. Senator John Heinz of Pennsylvania had tragically died in a 1991 airplane crash when Chris was 18. Chris, his brothers, and his mother inherited a large chunk of the family’s vast ketchup fortune, including a network of investment funds and a Pennsylvania estate, among other properties.” (New York Post, 3/15/18)

Along With Devon Archer, “A Longtime Heinz And Kerry Friend,” Hunter And Chris Teamed Up To Establish A Series Of Related LLCs Under A Firm Called Rosemont Capital. “Joining them in the Rosemont venture was Devon Archer, a longtime Heinz and Kerry friend. The three friends established a series of related LLCs. The trunk of the tree was Rosemont Capital, the alternative investment fund of the Heinz Family Office.” (New York Post, 3/15/18)

The Small Fund “Grew Quickly,” And According To A “Securities And Exchange Commission Investigation, Rosemont Described Themselves As ‘A $2.4 Billion Private Equity Firm.’” “The small fund grew quickly. According to an email revealed as part of a Securities and Exchange Commission investigation, Rosemont described themselves as ‘a $2.4 billion private equity firm co-owned by Hunter Biden and Chris Heinz,’ with Devon Archer as ‘Managing Partner.’” (New York Post, 3/15/18)

In Addition To Rosemont Capital, The Partners Attached Several Branches To The Organization, Including “Rosemont Seneca Partners, LLC, Rosemont Seneca Technology Partners, And Rosemont Realty.” “The partners attached several branches to the Rosemont Capital trunk, including Rosemont Seneca Partners, LLC, Rosemont Seneca Technology Partners, and Rosemont Realty.” (New York Post, 3/15/18)

Rather Than Occupy An Office In New York City, Rosemont Chose To Operate Out Of The Political Hub Of Washington D.C., Just Miles From Their Fathers’ Offices

“Rather Than Set Up Shop In New York City, The Financial Capital Of The World, Rosemont Seneca Leased Space In Washington, DC.,” Just Miles From Their Fathers’ Offices. Rather than set up shop in New York City, the financial capital of the world, Rosemont Seneca leased space in Washington, DC. They occupied an all-brick building on Wisconsin Avenue, the main thoroughfare of exclusive Georgetown. Their offices would be less than a mile from John and Teresa Kerry’s 23-room Georgetown mansion, and just two miles from both Joe Biden’s office in the White House and his residence at the Naval Observatory.” (New York Post, 3/15/18)

“Over The Next Seven Years, As Both Joe Biden And John Kerry Negotiated Sensitive And High-Stakes Deals With Foreign Governments, Rosemont Entities Secured A Series Of Exclusive Deals Often With Those Same Foreign Governments.” Over the next seven years, as both Joe Biden and John Kerry negotiated sensitive and high-stakes deals with foreign governments, Rosemont entities secured a series of exclusive deals often with those same foreign governments.” (New York Post, 3/15/18)
Rosemont Was Not Alone In Its Foreign Ventures, In China The Firm Joined Forces With Another “Politically Connected Consultancy Called The Thornton Group.” “Rosemont Seneca joined forces in doing business in China with another politically connected consultancy called the Thornton Group.” (New York Post, 3/15/18)

At The Time, “The Massachusetts-Based Firm” Was “Headed By James Bulger, The Nephew Of The Notorious Mob Hitman James ‘Whitey’ Bulger.” The Massachusetts-based firm is headed by James Bulger, the nephew of the notorious mob hitman James ‘Whitey’ Bulger. Whitey was the leader of the Winter Hill Gang, part of the South Boston mafia. Under indictment for 19 murders, he disappeared. He was later arrested, tried, and convicted.” (New York Post, 3/15/18)

Less Than A Year After Opening And While Joe Biden Was Vice President, Rosemont Capital Had Secured Access With Multiple Foreign Leaders Including Access To China “At The Highest Levels” 

Less Than A Year After Opening Rosemont Seneca’s Doors, Hunter Biden And Devon Archer Had Secured Access To China “At The Highest Levels” Alongside Its US Partner The Thornton Group. “Less than a year after opening Rosemont Seneca’s doors, Hunter Biden and Devon Archer were in China, having secured access at the highest levels. Thornton Group’s account of the meeting on their Chinese-language website was telling: Chinese executives ‘extended their warm welcome’ to the ‘Thornton Group, with its US partner Rosemont Seneca chairman Hunter Biden (second son of the now Vice President Joe Biden).’” (New York Post, 3/15/18)

Even Though Rosemont Was Both “New And Small” The Group Met With “The Largest And Most Powerful Government Fund Leaders In China.” “According to the Thornton Group, the three Americans met with the largest and most powerful government fund leaders in China — even though Rosemont was both new and small.” (New York Post, 3/15/18)

While “Some Of The Deals” That Rosemont Secured Will Remain Hidden, The Transactions That Are Traceable Reveal A “Troubling Pattern” Of “Profitable Deals” “Struck With Foreign Governments On The Heels Of Crucial Diplomatic Missions” Carried Out By Biden And Kerry. “Some of the deals they secured may remain hidden. These Rosemont entities are, after all, within a private equity firm and as such are not required to report or disclose their financial dealings publicly. Some of their transactions are nevertheless traceable by investigating world capital markets. A troubling pattern emerges from this research, showing how profitable deals were struck with foreign governments on the heels of crucial diplomatic missions carried out by their powerful fathers. Often those foreign entities gained favorable policy actions from the United States government just as the sons were securing favorable financial deals from those same entities.” (New York Post, 3/15/18)

Rosemont Capital And Hunter Biden Drew Public Scrutiny For Piggybacking Off Of Joe Biden’s Diplomatic Trips To Hold Business Meetings Including Flying On Air Force Two During Biden’s Asia Pivot Ventures

From 2011 To 2013, Multiple Foreign Business Meetings Drew Public Scrutiny From Outsiders Including One, After Just Hours Before, “Hunter Biden’s Father, The Vice President, Met With Chinese President Hu In Washington.” “The timing of this meeting was also curious. It occurred just hours before Hunter Biden’s father, the vice president, met with Chinese President Hu in Washington as part of the Nuclear Security Summit. There was a second known meeting with many of the same Chinese financial titans in Taiwan in May 2011. For a small firm like Rosemont Seneca with no track record, it was an impressive level of access to China’s largest financial players. And it was just two weeks after Joe Biden had opened up the US-China strategic dialogue with Chinese officials in Washington.” (New York Post, 3/15/18)

Again In 2013, “Hunter Biden Was Jetting Across The Pacific Ocean Aboard Air Force Two With His Father,” While The Vice President Was On His Way To Asia For An Extended Official Trip.  “On one of the first days of December 2013, Hunter Biden was jetting across the Pacific Ocean aboard Air Force Two with his father and daughter Finnegan. The vice president was heading to Asia on an extended official trip.” (New York Post, 3/15/18)

Former Vice President Biden Was Visiting “Japan, China, And South Korea,” As Part Of The Obama Administration’s “Asia Pivot” In Their International Strategy.  “Tensions in the region were on the rise. The American delegation was visiting Japan, China, and South Korea. But it was the visit to China that had the most potential to generate conflict and controversy. The Obama administration had instituted the ‘Asia Pivot’ in its international strategy, shifting attention away from Europe and toward Asia, where China was flexing its muscles.” (New York Post, 3/15/18)

For Hunter, “The Trip Coincided With A Major Deal That Rosemont Seneca Was Striking With The State-Owned Bank Of China.” “For Hunter Biden, the trip coincided with a major deal that Rosemont Seneca was striking with the state-owned Bank of China. From his perspective, the timing couldn’t have been better.” (New York Post, 3/15/18)

With The Bank Of China, Rosemont Seneca Helped To Create A “$1 Billion Investment Fund Called Bohai Harvest RST (BHR).” “Rosemont Seneca and the Bank of China created a $1 billion investment fund called Bohai Harvest RST (BHR), a name that reflected who was involved. Bohai (or Bo Hai), the innermost gulf of the Yellow Sea, was a reference to the Chinese stake in the company. The “RS” referred to Rosemont Seneca. The “T” was Thornton.” (New York Post, 3/15/18)

The Funds Were “Backed By The Chinese Government, And In Short, “The Chinese Government Was Literally Funding A Business That It Co-Owned Along With The Sons Of Two Of America’s Most Powerful Decision Makers.” “The fund enjoyed an unusual and special status in China. BHR touted its ‘unique Sino-US shareholding structure’ and ‘the global resources and network’ that allowed it to secure investment ‘opportunities.’ Funds were backed by the Chinese government. In short, the Chinese government was literally funding a business that it co-owned along with the sons of two of America’s most powerful decision makers.” (New York Post, 3/15/18)


In 1996, Shortly After A Top Executive At The MBNA Credit Card Bank Bought A House From His Father Joe Biden, Hunter Biden Was Hired By The Company To A Six-Figure Position

Since The 90’s, Joe Biden Has Had “A Pretty Cozy Relationship” With MBNA, That Resulted In An Executive Purchasing His Home During A Weak Market, Extensive Campaign Donations, And The Bank Hiring His Son. “Biden and MBNA have indeed developed a pretty cozy relationship. John Cochran, the company’s vice-chairman and chief marketing officer, did pay top dollar for Biden’s house, and MBNA gave Cochran a lot of money—$330,000—to help with ‘expenses’ related to the move. A few months after the sale, as Biden’s re-election effort got under way, MBNA’s top executives contributed generously to his campaign in a series of coordinated donations that sidestepped the limits on contributions by the company’s political action committee.” (National Review, 8/23/08)

In 1996, MBNA Executive John Cochran Paid $1.2 Million For Biden’s Home, A “Good Deal For Biden.” “Biden bought the house in 1975 but had been thinking on-and-off about selling it for years; he almost sold it before his disastrous run for the presidency in 1988. But the deal didn’t happen until MBNA came along. … According to MBNA officials, the company asked [MBNA executive John] Cochran to move to Delaware. At the same time, Biden was looking for a buyer for his house. How the two got together is not clear. When asked, an MBNA spokesman declined to offer any details, saying only, ‘That’s a very personal question.’ However it happened, in February 1996 Cochran bought Biden’s house for $1.2 million. The price was not twice the home’s value, as [Republican challenger] Raymond Clatworthy’s pollsters claimed, but there is evidence to suggest it was a pretty darned good deal for Biden.” (National Review, 8/23/08)

The Home Was Appraised At $1.2 Million. “The appraisal that Biden gave the News-Journal during last year’s campaign—showing that the house was worth $1.2 million—was done several years earlier, at the time Biden took out loans for his sons’ education. In January 1996, as the purchase deal was under way, another appraisal was made, also putting the house’s value at $1.2 million. A spokesman for Cochran provided TAS with a copy of that appraisal.” (National Review, 8/23/08)

·         But Nearby Houses Had Been Selling Below Their Appraised Value, And Biden’s House Needed “Quite A Bit Of Work.” “It is customary for appraisers to evaluate homes in relation to similar properties in the area, or ‘comparables.’ In the case of Biden’s house, the appraiser compared the home to another large old house about a quarter of a mile away. That house—which was in similar condition—was judged to be worth $1,013,000. It sold in August 1995 for $800,000 (it should be noted that the house did not have a pool, which Biden’s does; on the other hand the house had central air conditioning, which Biden’s did not, and it was on a larger lot). The appraiser also looked at two other newer houses in the area. One was appraised at $1,230,000 and sold for $1,007,500. The other was appraised at $1,163,000 and sold for an even $1 million. In all three cases, the homes sold for a good deal less than their appraised value. In comparison, it appears Cochran simply paid Biden’s full asking price. And, according to people familiar with the situation, the house needed quite a bit of work; contractors and their trucks descended on the house for months after the purchase.” (National Review, 8/23/08)

Shortly After The 1996 Election, MBNA Hired Biden’s Son For A Lucrative Job, In Which He Was “Groomed For A Senior Management Position.” “And then, a short time after the election, MBNA hired Biden’s son [Hunter Biden] for a lucrative job in which, according to bank officials, he is being groomed for a senior management position.” (National Review, 8/23/08)

While Biden Was A Senator, Hunter Biden’s Partners Secured $25 Million In Federal Earmarks For The University Of Delaware And Received Firm Fees Totaling $1.5 Million For Its Work On Behalf Of The School 
Biden And Obama Campaign Spokesmen Have Claimed That Hunter Biden “Has Never Lobbied Sen. Biden’s Office Or Committees.” “Sen. Biden’s campaign says Hunter Biden didn’t lobby his father. … The Obama-Biden campaign spokesman, David Wade, said that Hunter Biden ‘has never lobbied Sen. Biden’s office or committees, period.’” (The Wall Street Journal, 8/25/08)

But William Oldaker, A Partner In Hunter Biden’s Firm, Spoke With Biden’s Office About The University Of Delaware, A Client That Has Paid The Firm At Least $1.5 Million From 2002 To 2008. “And while Oldaker has said he does not lobby Biden personally, he has spoken with Biden’s staff about some clients. One example was the University of Delaware, which Oldaker approached in 2002, shortly after founding the firm with Hunter Biden and Robert Belair. Since then, the university has paid Oldaker’s firm $1.5 million. The payoff: as of 2006, $24.8 million in earmarks for defense research, a student-exchange program, and a drug-and-alcohol-studies program.” (ABC News, 8/24/08)

  • With Help From Biden’s Firm, The University Of Delaware Secured Almost $25 Million In Federal Earmarks And “Paid Hunter Biden’s Firm Fees Totaling $1.5 Million For Its Work On Behalf Of The School.” “The scrutiny of Sen. Joe Biden, Sen. Barack Obama’s choice for the vice-presidential slot on the Democratic ticket, continues with a report today concerning Sen. Biden’s son, R. Hunter Biden. Hunter Biden is a partner in the lobbying firm of Oldaker, Biden & Belair, a Washington, D.C., firm which lobbies on behalf of clients in Sen. Biden’s native Delaware. One such client, the University of Delaware, has received almost $25 million in federal earmark dollars for defense research and other activities. The University has paid Hunter Biden’s firm fees totaling $1.5 million for its work on behalf of the school.” (AOL, 8/24/08)
  • University Earmarks Increased Significantly After Oldacker And The National Group Began Lobbying On Their Behalf. “Though the university’s main source of federal funding is still annual grants of about $100 million, the university has secured another $68 million from the Delaware delegation in the five years since The National Group’s lobbyists began working for UD. In the three years before The National Group began lobbying for UD, the university averaged about $7.4 million a year in earmarks obtained through the Delaware delegation, according to Sen. Biden’s office.” (The [Wilmington, DE] News Journal, 6/8/08)
  • Oldaker Was A Former Biden Campaign Adviser And Treasurer During Biden’s “Failed 1988 Presidential Bid.” “For instance, William Oldaker, another named partner and former general counsel at the Federal Election Commission, has been Sen. Biden’s campaign treasurer for Congress. Oldaker has advised Biden on campaign issues, first during the Senator’s failed 1988 presidential bid.” (ABC News, 8/24/08)
Robert Belair, Another Named Partner At Oldaker, Biden & Belair, Has “On Occasion Spoken With Biden’s Staff” Regarding Clients With Judiciary Committee Issues. “Belair, the firm’s other named partner, said he has never personally lobbied Sen. Biden, but has on occasion spoken with Biden’s staff for a client with issues before the Senate Judiciary Committee, whose membership includes Biden. Belair said he does not think there is any conflict of interest because he has worked for this client, SEARCH Group, a law enforcement research organization, for decades long before he ever met or began working with Hunter Biden.” (ABC News, 8/24/08)

The Sunlight Foundation’s Bill Allison Admitted That Hunter’s Firm Got “Get A Better Deal Than Someone Fresh Off The Street, And I’m Not Sure That’s The Way Our Government Is Supposed To Work.” “We’re all human and we tend to favor those we have connections with. … I just think [Oldaker’s firm’s] going to get a better deal than someone fresh off the street, and I’m not sure that’s the way our government is supposed to work.” (The [Wilmington, DE] News Journal, 6/8/08)

Additionally, Records Show That Senator Obama Also Sought Over $3.4 Million In Earmarks For Clients That Hunter Biden Represented
“Obama’s Campaign Has Taken A Hard Stance Against The World Of Lobbying In The Nation’s Capital.” “Obama’s campaign has taken a hard stance against the world of lobbying in the nation’s capital.” (The Washington Post, 8/27/08)

But Obama Sought Over $3.4 Million In Earmarks For Clients Of Biden’s Lobbyist Son. “Sen. Barack Obama sought more than $3.4 million in congressional earmarks for clients of the lobbyist son of his Democratic running mate, Sen. Joseph R. Biden Jr. of Delaware, records show. Obama succeeded in getting $192,000 for one of the clients, St. Xavier University in suburban Chicago.” (The Washington Post, 8/27/08)

·         Obama Campaign Spokesman, David Wade, Claims That “Hunter Biden Never Appealed Directly To Obama.” “Campaign spokesman David Wade also said Hunter Biden never appealed directly to Obama.” (The Washington Post, 8/27/08)


Joe Biden’s Brother, Frank Biden, Used The Biden Name To Bolster His Mavericks In Education Project Which Was Ultimately Deemed A Failure
“Mavericks Has Become A Poster Child For The Problems That Have Long Dogged Charter Schools In Florida.” (Miami New Times, 12/29/11)

Mavericks High Schools Are Tuition-Free Charter Schools Targeted Towards Students That Haven’t Succeeded At Mainstream Schools. “Biden heads a nonprofit, Mavericks High Schools, which operates eight tuition-free charter schools in Florida. Among them are high schools in Fort Lauderdale and Pompano Beach in Broward County, Palm Springs in Palm Beach County, and two in Miami-Dade County. All serve troubled teens who have not done well in mainstream schools.” (Sun Sentinel (Florida), 10/2/11)

Frank Biden Is Often Referred To As The President Of Mavericks High School. “Biden, president of the charter Mavericks High School in West Palm Beach and director of the Florida Charter School Alliance, was the guest of Charter Schools USA, which operates 45 schools in the state, including eight Renaissance Charter Schools in Palm Beach and St. Lucie counties.” (Palm Beach Post (Florida), 8/11/14)

Frank Biden Used His Family Name To Assure At Least One School Board That His Mavericks In Education Project Was Sustainable. “In February, Frank Biden urged the Palm Beach County School Board to approve a charter school proposal from the company, known as Mavericks in Education. ‘I give you my word of honor on my family name that this system is sustainable,’ Biden told the board in the videotaped Feb. 2 special meeting. ‘This school will be sustained.’ Afterward, the board voted to approve the Mavericks proposal, overriding a staff recommendation to deny the application because of questions about its fiscal soundness and academic quality.” (The Washington Posts’ The Answer Sheet Blog, 12/10/11)

In June 2014, An Inspector General Found That A Mavericks School Couldn’t Verify That Students Received Five Hours Of Instruction Required To Receive Nearly $320,000 In Funding. “The school district has withheld nearly $320,000 in state taxpayer money from a Palm Springs charter school after they were unable to prove to auditors that they are teaching students a full five periods during the school day, according to a draft audit report released this week by School District Inspector General Lung Chiu.” (The Palm Beach Post, 6/16/14)

A Former Career Coordinator At Mavericks High School, Kelly Shaw, Alleged In 2011 That The School Was Purposefully Inflating Student Attendance And Enrollment To Increase Public Funding. “Insiders at the Mavericks High of South Miami-Dade, a Homestead charter school for at-risk students, also say the school has broken state law to bring in more money. Kelly Shaw, a former career coordinator at the school, filed a whistleblower suit in June accusing school administrators of defrauding the school district by inflating student attendance and enrollment figures, to increase the amount of money the school collected.” (Miami Herald, 12/10/11)

An Audit Of Mavericks Charter School In Palm Springs Found The State Had Given $160,000 More Than It Was Entitled After The School Overstated Enrollment. “A Palm Beach County charter school got nearly $160,000 more in state education money than it was entitled to receive after overstating 2011-12 enrollment, a draft audit released last week by the school district’s inspector general claims.” (The Palm Beach Post, 1/6/13)

  • The Inspector General Found At Least 56 Students Who Were Improperly Counted By The School, Despite The Students Failing To Show Up For Any Of 11-Day Survey Period. “According to the draft audit from Inspector General Lung Chiu, Mavericks High School in Palm Springs counted and was given funds for at least 56 students who did not attend the school at all during two 11-day “survey periods” last year required by the state Department of Education. The survey periods are used to establish enrollment figures on which the department bases its per-student funding to schools.” (The Palm Beach Post, 1/6/13)
Once An Investigation Had Begun, The Mavericks School In Palm Beach At First Admitted To Miscounting 14 Students And Then Found Another 28 Students. “After the Palm Beach County School District started investigating, the audit report claims, officials at Mavericks identified 14 students on May 4 they claimed a former data processor had mistakenly included in their February attendance survey. Then, on May 11, Mavericks officials said they had found another 28 students who they mistakenly included in their October 2011 attendance survey, the audit report says.” (The Palm Beach Post, 1/6/13)

The Seven Mavericks High Schools Graduate 17.1 Percent Of Students For Whom There Is Information, While The State Of Florida Graduates 75.6 Percent. (Data Publications And Reports: Students, Accessed 8/26/14)
In 2010, James Biden Was Brought On To Hill International, A Firm Tasked With Building Low Cost Housing In Iraq, With The Firm Saying The Biden Last Name Helped Him Get In The Door

On November 23, 2010, HillStone International, A Subsidiary Of Hill International, Announced James Biden As An Executive Vice President. (Hill International, 11/23/10)

  • In The Announcement, Hill International Highlighted James Biden’s Connection To His Brother Joe Biden’s Senate Bid. “At the age of 22, Biden was the finance chairman of his then 29-year-old brother's bid for a U.S. Senate seat in Delaware and successfully enlisted the support of national unions, political leaders and financiers across the country.” (Hill International, 11/23/10)
In 2011, Hill International And HillStone International Were Contracted By South Korean Firm TRAC Development Group For A Housing Project In Iraq. “Hill International (NYSE:HIL), the global leader in managing construction risk, announced today that it has received a contract from TRAC Development Group, a South Korean real estate developer, to provide project management and construction management services in connection with a major housing development in Iraq. In addition, Hill's majority-owned subsidiary HillStone International, LLC has received a contract to supply building structural systems to TRAC for the development.” (Hill International, 6/2/11)

  • Hill International Will Be Responsible For 100,000 Homes And Related Infrastructure. “The total development includes the construction of 500,000 housing units plus related infrastructure which was granted to TRAC by the National Investment Commission of Iraq. The total development is estimated to cost approximately $35 billion. The Hill and HillStone contracts are each for the first phase of the development only, which includes construction of the first 100,000 housing units plus related infrastructure.” (Hill International, 6/2/11)
  • Hill Received This Contract Six Months After Biden Joined The Firm. “About six months after Biden joined the firm, Hill announced that it was appointed by TRAC to build 100,000 homes.” (Fox Business, 10/22/12)
David Richter, President Of Hill International, Said It Helps To Have The Vice President’s Brother As A Partner. “David Richter, the president of Hill International (HIL), a mid-sized outfit that manages construction projects, was speaking last year at a private meeting with investors when he was asked about the recent success of his newest subsidiary, HillStone International. How was it that HillStone, a newcomer in the business of home building, landed a massive and potentially lucrative contract to build 100,000 homes in war-torn Iraq? Richter didn’t mince words. It really helps, he said, to have “the brother of the vice president as a partner,” according to a person who was present. The “brother” Richter was referring to during the meeting is James Biden, the younger brother of Vice President Joe Biden.” (Fox Business, 10/22/12)

Irv Richter Claimed The Last Name Biden Helps Him Get In The Door, But Obama Would Be Better. “Listen, his name helps him get in the door, but it doesn’t help him get business,” Richter said of Biden. “People who have important names tend to get in the door easier but it doesn’t mean success. If he had the name Obama he would get in the door easier.” (Fox Business, 10/22/12)

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