Saturday, March 13, 2021

Homeland Security Chief Calls for 'Volunteers' as the Southwest Border Crisis Spins Out of Control


AP Photo/Gregory Bull

It’s the federal government’s responsibility to enforce the nation’s borders. That’s not up for debate; it’s the federal government’s job. Terrorist groups, drug cartels, human smugglers, and even our global enemies would love to exploit a weak border if they can. Right now, they can. It’s the federal government’s job to see to it that they can’t. But the federal government isn’t doing its job.

Joe Biden flung the southwest border wide open and the numbers crossing are now overwhelming. Some even have custom T-shirts calling for Biden to “let us in.”

Gov. Greg Abbott is moving to stem the tide, but one state — even a large one like Texas — can’t do it while the federal government just makes the problem worse.

The 2021 numbers are now on pace to outrun the previous three years — combined.

Biden’s Homeland Security chief, Alejandro Mayorkas, has responded to all this by calling for “volunteers.” It’s an unserious idea from a seriously terrible administration.

Mayorkas this week urged DHS staff to join a “Volunteer Force” to help Customs and Border Protection (CBP) deal with what he conceded was an “overwhelming” number of migrants at the border, as the administration scrambles to deal with the escalating crisis.

“You have likely seen the news about the overwhelming numbers of migrants seeking access to this country along the Southwest Border,” he said. “President Biden and I are committed to ensuring our Nation has a safe, orderly, and humane immigration system while continuing to balance all of the other critical DHS missions.”

On the face of things, it appears the Biden administration is committed to undermining all aspects of what makes a nation a nation.

In a sober time, the Homeland Security secretary would already be up for firing and the administration would be facing a full-blown scandal with its open lawlessness, putting impeachment on the table. Biden made this mess of his own free will with his own rhetoric and executive orders. Plus we’re in a moment of madness, with an invisible president who hasn’t delivered a State of the Union and hasn’t even given a solo press conference. CNN tried to help him mitigate that with its soft-focus townhall in February, but Americans are noticing that the new president isn’t commenting and seems not to be leading, perhaps because he’s unable to. His press secretary is the face of the administration to the world and she’s terrible at her job.

On Tuesday, White House spox Jen Psaki was asked for numbers of illegal border crossings. She lied in response.

“I would encourage you to go back to them and ask them again. We’re not going to confirm them from the White House. It’s not our program,” Psaki claimed. “It’s the Department of Homeland Security.”

The Department of Homeland Security is a cabinet-level position. Biden appointed Mayorkas to that job. It’s very much the White House’s program and Psaki should have those numbers. Any good flak would have them, if for no other reason than to come up with a way to shape the public’s perception of them. In all likelihood she does have them, she just doesn’t want to tell the American people what those numbers are, and therefore deflects. It’s a tactic to avoid accountability.

Psaki’s hacky tactic indicates that there is no good way to spin this. The numbers are that bad and getting worse.

The Biden numbers could easily be compared to the Trump numbers, using the White House’s own statement, demonstrating what a disaster the Biden administration has created and is inflicting on the border states.

Biden has created a nightmare on the border. While some law-abiding Americans remained locked up due to their states’ approach to the pandemic, illegal border crossers can test COVID-positive and remain free to buy a bus ticket and go anywhere in the country they want. Given the sheer numbers crossing, Biden is creating a COVID super-spreader — and doing nothing to stop it. He is fostering chaos on the border. The president is willfully putting American lives at risk. A real media would start inquiries by demanding answers to one simple question: Why?

They would follow that up with “Where the hell is Joe Biden and what does he have to say about all this?”