Sunday, June 06, 2021

LET’S DO THIS! GOP’s victory in Hispanic-majority city in blue county spells BIG TROUBLE for Dems and it’s a GLORIOUS thing

By Sam J. | Twitchy

We can’t EVEN tell you how happy this makes us.

You mean pandering to a bunch of illegal immigrants and promising them a bunch of free stuff isn’t popular to Hispanic-Americans?

Gosh, we’re shocked.

Let’s not pretend the blue team is ever kind to Christianity.

But good point on the faith of many Hispanics.

Let’s do this GOP … we literally have to.



Javier Villalobos wins McAllen mayor election

By Nathaniel Puente | Valley Central Daily News

The city of McAllen has a new mayor.

Javier Villalobos defeated Veronica Whitacre in the June 5 runoff election to win the position as McAllen mayor.

Villalobos won the election with 4,744 votes to Whitacre’s 4,538 votes. Villalobos won with 51.11 percent of the election total.

The new mayor had served as commissioner of McAllen’s district one since 2018.

The two candidates garnered the most votes in the initial city election in May.

Villalobos’s term will last four years.

Elections were also held for three city commissioner races in McAllen.

Tony Aguirre will take over the position of District 1 commissioner after defeating Lucia Thompson with 1,625 votes to 1,184 votes.

Omar Quintanilla retained his position as District 3 commissioner after defeating Delma Tamez with 655 votes to 397 votes.

Jose “Pepe” Cabeza de Vaca retained his position as District 6 commissioner after defeating Larry Esparza with 1,013 votes to 804 votes.

Voting totals are unofficial until they are canvassed by city officials on June 14.