Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Biden's Supreme Court Pick Sexually Assaulted Me 25 Years Ago


AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

The news that Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer is retiring is still fresh. He won’t even officially retire until October, and the Biden administration will likely spend months vetting potential nominees.

But I can tell you right now, whoever Biden picks, they sexually assaulted me 25 years ago at a high school party. I can’t remember how I got there or how I got home. So far, the people I know who were present are telling me it didn’t happen. I may have changed my story a few times too. But, hey, look, you can trust me. I have no agenda.

I should also let you know that Biden’s nominee, whoever it is, might have a detailed calendar proving they weren’t at the party. Don’t believe it? Believe me!

I think I should be praised for my bravery in coming forward. I think the media must tell my story without questioning the details, and Time Magazine should profile me.

Just in case you think my memory is bad, you should know, I’m 100% certain it was… whoever Biden picks. There is zero chance I’ve mistaken them for someone else.

I feel so strongly that Biden’s nominee is too dangerous to be on the Supreme Court that I’d testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee… if I wasn’t afraid of flying.

I implore the U.S. Senate to listen to my story and give it the benefit of the doubt that similar accusations against other Supreme Court nominees have been given.

Alyssa Milano, I hope you’ll consider advocating on my behalf in public.