Sunday, September 18, 2022

Many on the Left claim patriotism is a dirty word

By William Haupt III | The Center Square

"True patriotism hates injustice in its own land more than anywhere else." – Clarence Darrow

For weeks after terrorists used four hijacked jetliners to murder 2,977 people at the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and a field in Pennsylvania, the mood around the nation was somber and serine. Those in New York held a vigil behind a black iron fence, dubbed the “grieving wall" at St. Paul’s Chapel, across Church Street from ground zero. They mourned together, waving American flags and singing patriotic songs about America, vowing to avenge the death of their fellow patriots.

That evening, 150 members of Congress came together on the steps of the capital to grieve for our nation during a time of great tragedy. Democrats and Republicans stood hand in hand in patriotic unity singing God Bless America in solidarity for their beloved motherland that had been the target of barbaric acts of Islamic terrorism. With tearing eyes, House Speaker Dennis Hastert said, "We in Congress stand united, and we stand together, to avenge these attacks on innocent Americans."

That was only 21 years ago. Two decades can erase memories, flashing only snippets of the past across the mind’s eye. Many have forgotten the tragedy of those who lost their lives, trying to rescue their brothers and sisters from sure-fire death. They forget the smell, taste and the acrid air. And many forgot the pain, sorrow, anger, pride and, unfortunately, their brotherhood and patriotism.

After two decades, only the fear remains. This is not fear of another terrorist attack on America, or a fear lingering of the carnage that took place in our nation on Sept. 11, 2001. This is by far a much greater fear for our nation. It is a fear about what has happened to our country since 9/11.

"True patriotism is not manifested in bursts of emotion. It is a dedication of a lifetime." – Adlai Stevenson

During the ensuing decades after 9/11, this renewed patriotism was disrupted by two wars, a great recession, violent social and racial outbursts, five rancorous presidential elections, hateful partisan politics and a deadly pandemic. Today, if you say you are a patriot, you are a right wing extremist!

How did Americans go from rallying against an attack on our country on 9/11, to attacking anyone in our nation who claims to be a patriot and ascribes to the tenants of democratic republicanism?

The solidarity and resolve of 9/11 began to fray with the nation’s deep division over the war in Iraq as memories of these morbid attacks faded quickly. President George Bush, once applauded for retaliating against those who invaded our nation, was scorned by the left for invading Iraq and Afghanistan.

Patriotism was besieged under President Barack Obama by the IRS, who filtered through tax exempt applications looking for groups that had the words “Tea Party” and “Patriot” in their name. This was unethical, illegal and anti-American. This disgraceful act turned the word “patriot” into a partisan pejorative.

"These Tea party groups only call themselves patriots because of dislike for me." – Barack Obama

Donald Trump, a patriot, ran for president on the premise of "Making America Great Again." He was fed up with politicians and their party politics, and wished to give the government back to the people. He wanted Americans to prosper in the free markets as they had before politicians rationed liberty and freedom in the name of protecting them from themselves for their personal political gain. When Trump defeated the media's queen bee, Hillary Clinton, on Election Eve 2016, political pundits around the U.S. were caught with their pants down. Liberal media did all that they could to destroy the character of Donald Trump and make him unelectable. Little did they know Trump was just what the middle class wanted and needed; a true patriot as their next president!

Everyone loved Trump the patriot and baron of industry, until he became Patriot President Trump. As promised, he put America first, cut middle class taxes and refused to allow the beltway politicians to place special interests over working Americans. As a result, Democrats made his life a living hell for four long years and labeled his brand of enthusiastic patriotism as anti-American.

No matter what your political views of Trump, he continues to be one of the most popular patriots in America today. Although Democrats and media tried to convince America that Trump committed crimes and espionage, those who love America will always defend America's patriot.

"When you open your heart to patriotism, there is no room for prejudice!" – Donald Trump

It is a depressing reflection on the left that President Joe Biden felt compelled to deliver a prime-time address in front of Constitution Hall, decrying Donald Trump supporters as guilty of political violence and anti-American. He demanded Americans “unite behind his party to defend democracy,” supporting his party's partisan ideology and dogma to help the left save America from the GOP.

"Republicans represent an absolute extremism that threatens the core foundations of our Republic.” – Joe Biden

It is no accident that Biden staged his “soul of the nation” speech, filled with fierce condemnation of Republicans, just eight weeks before the midterms. Biden’s speech focused solely on denigrating Republicans, especially those who had supported Trump. There was nary a comment by him on the economy, out of control inflation, abortion, high gas prices or a broken supply chain.

Pounding his fists, Biden was wrong to conflate upholding the rule of law with his partisan agenda, which he called “the work of democracy.” He essentially said that a person is unpatriotic and un-American if they are a Republican or if they are against his far left all-progressive partisan policies.

When the word “patriot” becomes a pejorative, it is a sign of how much our national faith has been besmirched by hyper-partisan politics. Respect for the IRS has continued to decline since the word "patriot" was used to flag tax returns under Obama. It was a sad day for U.S. patriotism when those on the far left defamed American patriots and their military service as leaders for world imperialism.

Clint Eastwood told us, "A patriot puts his county first." Patriotism is more than putting up a flag on a holiday, singing the national anthem or saying the pledge of allegiance at special events. It is staying involved in government to ensure that your rights and liberties are always protected. A true patriot stands up to government abuse, and defends government when they are doing what is right.

The very emotion that should unite us all as Americans is too often used as a wedge to divide us. On this 9/11, it is worth reflecting on the patriots who died during the terrorist attacks on our nation, and how Americans came together to honor and mourn them that day. Honoring those who made the ultimate sacrifice on 9/11, will make all our bitter political battles seem small and self-indulgent.

"The patriot subordinates himself to his State in order to raise it above all other States to find his personal sacrifice repaid with interest through the greatness of his motherland." – Richard Wagner



Can the Greatest Generation’s Children Save America?

By D.W. Wilber |

Source: AP Photo/Reed Hoffman

When we talk about the “Greatest Generation” everyone immediately knows who we’re referring to, we’re talking about the Americans who lived and served through the years of World War II.

During that time the entire world was teetering on the edge of a ‘real’ fascist takeover, and Americans stepped forward and saved not just America, but the whole planet from the evils of Nazi Germany and the Empire of Japan. Americans fought and died on battlefields all across Europe, and island-hopped in bloody battles throughout the Pacific, ultimately defeating the Axis powers.

Americans on the home front also sacrificed in order to support the war effort. Rationing gasoline and food items, and during organized collection drives gathered up rubber and iron to be used to build tanks, trucks, airplanes and battleships. And many hung a small banner with a gold star in the middle of it to signify that their family made the ultimate sacrifice to preserve and protect freedom for Americans. They all indeed earned the title of the ‘Greatest Generation’.

After the end of World War II Americans returned from the war and set about rebuilding their lives that had been put on hold for several years. They married and started families, returned to their old jobs, or pursued new careers. Many war veterans used the GI Bill to get an education so they could improve their chances of getting better jobs that would enhance their prosperity during the post-war economic boom. Some were content to just go back to driving their taxi cab or on the assembly line. But they all worked hard to try to give their children a better life than the one they had inherited from their parents. They wanted their children to have more opportunities than they had growing up.

My own parents were of the Greatest Generation. My father served during World War II, and was training for the anticipated invasion of Japan when the Japanese surrendered after the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Perhaps fortunate for me as it was expected that it might cost one million casualties to defeat Japan on their home soil.

My father returned home and got a job as a truck driver, my mother was a secretary. They raised six kids together, five boys and a girl. One brother died as a teenager and didn’t serve in the military, but my other three brothers and I all served honorably in the Armed Forces of the United States. It was what one might say a family tradition, since military service in my family goes all the way back to the Revolutionary War. But more than just a tradition, it was considered an obligation. A need to give something back to the country that had given so much to us. The need to be part of something much bigger than just oneself.

This brings me to where we are in this country right now. To the immense challenges we face to preserve the freedoms we cherish, and for which so much blood was spilled to protect and defend for nearly two hundred fifty years.

As we children of the Greatest Generation enter our twilight years it might be easier for most of us to just sit back and enjoy the fruits of our own decades of hard work.  But there is no time to rest. As our parents did before us by sacrificing and fighting to protect and defend the United States of America, it’s our turn now. When I entered the Army during the Vietnam War I took an oath to protect and defend America against all enemies foreign and domestic.

Though I spent only three years in the military and left after my enlistment was completed, the oath that I took has no expiration date. It didn’t end when I received my Honorable Discharge. It’s as much in force today as it was decades ago when I first raised my right hand and repeated it.

There will be no rest for us, the children of the Greatest Generation. There can’t be, the threats our nation faces are as serious as the threats we faced from Nazi German and the Empire of Japan. Even more so. We face cancer within our own country. Decades of indoctrination and lies instilled in the minds of our own children and our grandchildren have placed our nation in its greatest peril than ever before.

In 2015 I said something that I have often repeated regularly ever since. It was a warning to people about what I potentially saw on America’s horizon if we didn’t recognize the threat that was barely concealed, and then do something about it. What I said was “No communist regime has ever willingly just given up power”. It’s as true now as it was when I first said it back in 2015. The “fundamental transformation” of America has been underway for decades, but it kicked into overdrive in 2009, hence my warning in 2015, the year before the Obama regime left office. 

If we want to ensure that our own children are able to enjoy the freedoms we and previous generations fought to protect then we are going to have to step up once again. No resting for us during our twilight years. The stakes are much too high, and the enemy much too close.

We, the children of the Greatest Generation will have to once again help save America, just as our parents did before us.