Monday, September 19, 2022

The Queen's funeral: All the latest Royal Family news and coverage


Princess Anne looks at her mother's coffin and the crown on the saddest of all days for Britain and the world during Her Majesty's state funeral.



Back of the Room! Joe and Jill Biden Are Seated 14 Rows Back At Queen’s Funeral...Several Rows Behind Other World Leaders From Jordan, Japan, Canada and One Row Behind Poland’s President

By Patty McMurray

On Saturday, Joe and his wife/nurse/handler Jill Biden traveled to London to attend Queen Elizabeth’s funeral. Unfortunately, the unpopular and divisive puppet couple of the far-left didn’t get the reception American Presidents, and First Ladies have become accustomed to receiving when visiting the royal family.

Instead of being seated closer to the front in Westminster Abbey, where the queen’s funeral was held, Joe and Jill were seated 14 rows back.  Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his wife were seated near the front, The King of Jordan and his wife were seated in the 5th row, the Emperor and Empress of Japan were seated in the 6th row, and Poland’s president was seated in the row ahead of Joe and Jill.

Instead of taking buses to the funeral with other world leaders, the Biden’s made a splashy arrival in The Beast, surrounded by a private motorcade.

The Bidens’ arrival at Westminster Abbey in The Beast didn’t help to get them better seats at the queen’s funeral. Once inside, the couple who’ve fully bought into the Democrat Party’s “America Last” mantra got exactly what they’ve been working towards since Joe served as Barack Obama’s vice president, a seat behind world leaders (who arrived in buses).

While female world leaders and wives of world leaders wore beautiful hats to the funeral, as is customary in England, Jill Biden wore a tacky childish bow tied around her hair.

Immediately after the memorial service, the Bidens left for Washington D.C.