Friday, September 16, 2022

Martha's Vineyard Laughably Declares 'Humanitarian Crisis' Over 50 Illegal Immigrants

By Spencer Brown |

Source: AP Photo/Steven Senne, File

After Florida Governor Ron DeSantis delivered roughly 50 illegal immigrants to swanky Martha's Vineyard — much to the dismay of liberals — the island community that's home to the Obamas and a Who's Who of other elites has declared the situation to be a crisis. 

While Democrats insist that there's no border crisis — despite a record number of got-aways, migrant deaths, and border apprehensions — their friends on Martha's Vineyard have decided 50 illegal immigrants are just too much to handle, despite being a proclaimed sanctuary. 

When the "Visit Martha's Vineyard" tweeted out "an update on current humanitarian crisis" they say is occurring on the island, it was quickly met with mockery. 

As it turns out, the Vineyard's libs aren't coping well with illegal immigrants testing their stated commitment to being a sanctuary.

All that over roughly 50 illegal immigrants showing up which, as many pointed out, would be a walk in the park for residents and authorities in cities along the U.S.-Mexico border that see many more hundreds of illegal immigrants arrive every day.

Martha's Vineyard is, like most liberal enclaves, full of woke virtue signaling that has apparently met its match when just a few dozen illegal immigrants show up. It's amazing to see how fast things go from "come one, come all" to "humanitarian crisis."



Mia Cathell @MiaCathell

Watch how quickly the wealthy white liberals on Martha's Vineyard remove their "All Are Welcome Here" and "stand with IMMIGRANTS" posters.


Meanwhile the White House sought to make Martha's Vineyard out to be some sort of hellscape for the illegals who arrived there... which is equally laughable.

It's been made clear yet again — similarly to how things played out in Washington, New York, and Chicago when illegal immigrants shattered the delicate blue-city bubbles with the reality that's plagued border states for months — that "all are welcome" only applies until those who are supposedly welcome end up getting in the way of polite society's brunches and usual routine. 

Here's the thing: sending illegal immigrants to places like DC, Martha's Vineyard, Chicago, and New York only works because of how predictably the libs react. They all declare themselves to be sanctuaries, but then declare emergencies and announce humanitarian crises when what they literally asked for becomes a reality. 

If these Democrat-run and populated places responded by saying "thank you, we are a sanctuary" and moved on with their lives, this wouldn't be taking off as the latest way to demonstrate the left's double-standard on illegal immigration. But they're flipping out over a small fraction of what border states have dealt with for months and at the same time proving conservatives' point about the crisis situation at the U.S.-Mexico border. It also shows that Democrats' feel-good fuzzy platitudes are just more empty, hypocritical talking points.

Open borders are, per the left's rhetoric, great — until people take advantage of them and make their way from the border into the backyards of those who say an unsecured border is a sign of virtue. Then, the same open borders become cause for a hair-on-fire crisis.