Sunday, November 01, 2020

Las Vegas Oddsmaker Announces Final Prediction: Trump Electoral Landslide Coming

 By Wayne Allyn Root |

Source: AP Photo/Carlos Osorio

It's all there. All the cards fell into place. Liberals and the biased and bribed mainstream media are just too blind to see it.

It's Donald Trump's win over Hillary Clinton all over again. It's George H.W. Bush overcoming a 17-point deficit to beat Michael Dukakis all over again. It's the final days of Ronald Reagan versus Jimmy Carter, when all of America broke for Reagan at the same time.

At this moment, if you're not blind, deaf or very dumb, it's clear that in these final days up to the election, a majority of American voters, certainly crucial voters in battleground states, are breaking to reelect President Trump.

It's all adding up to a Trump electoral landslide.

And I'm not just talking about tightening polls, the few polls that show Trump actually in the lead or battleground states where Trump is outperforming his numbers from his race against Clinton four years ago.

Much more importantly, I'm talking early-voting numbers. Trump is doing extraordinarily well in early voting in Florida, Nevada, Iowa, North Carolina and Arizona. Trump and Republicans are outkicking the coverage. In other words, they're kicking the Democrats' butts -- with the physical votes on Election Day still to come. And we all know Republicans rule on Election Day.

If Florida is representative of battleground states all over the country, Trump is about to win both the Florida popular vote and an electoral landslide. Democrats are panicking in Florida and all over the country.

Trafalgar Group, which ran the most accurate state-by-state poll of 2016 by factoring in the "shy Trump voters" (people afraid to tell a stranger on the phone they support Trump), shows Trump taking the lead this week in Florida, Michigan, North Carolina and Pennsylvania.

Rasmussen shows Trump's approval rating at 52%, five points better than former President Barack Obama's at this same time in 2012 when he was heading for reelection victory.

On Friday, Poll Watch came out with its electoral map, which shows a Trump landslide of 312 electoral votes to 226.

In the end, this is all you need to know ...

Trump is leading in Miami-Dade County and Palm Beach County (Democratic strongholds) in early voting. That's like winning the lottery. That's like two lightning strikes in the same spot. That's an election miracle.

Joe Biden added a Friday campaign event in Minnesota -- another ominous sign for Democrats. A Republican hasn't won Minnesota since 1972. Democrats clearly don't have Minnesota locked down. If Trump wins Minnesota, then a Ronald Reagan-Walter Mondale landslide is forming. All bets are off. Trump could run the table.

I'm not a pollster. I'm a gut-instinct guy. I'm a Las Vegas oddsmaker-turned-conservative talk-show host. And I just happen to be the media personality who predicted 2016 exactly right and has been predicting a 2020 Trump electoral landslide for months -- in the face of poll after poll showing double-digit leads for Joe Biden.

Here's what I know. Here's what my gut instinct says:

-- Nothing else matters like the poll question "Are you better off than four years ago?" Fifty-six percent of voters in one survey answered yes! That's the highest in modern history. Reagan scored 44%, and he won a 49-state landslide. Trump scored 56%.

Even more importantly, who exactly are they better off than? Common sense says they're not voting for the guy who made them feel worse (Biden) over the guy who made the feel better (Trump).

-- I know Florida is the key. If Trump wins Florida, he's in the driver's seat. And based on early-voting numbers, Florida appears to be a smashing Trump win.

-- Next in importance comes Pennsylvania. What's been happening in Pennsylvania lately? If you haven't noticed, deep-blue, Democrat-controlled Philadelphia is on fire -- rioting, looting, burning and injured cops. I guarantee the rest of Pennsylvania voters have noticed. This will push Trump over the edge in Pennsylvania. Democrats have clearly destroyed Philadelphia. Why would any sane Pennsylvanian voter want them to do the same thing to the entire country?

-- Then there's Hunter Biden's poisonous laptop. The media and social media conspired to black out any news. It didn't matter. The story got out. Did it change millions of votes? Nope. It merely changed a few key swing-state votes. That's all Trump needed.

-- Finally, I come to the infamous kill shot, the coup de grace. Just as I predicted weeks ago, the third-quarter gross domestic product was released on Friday. It showed 33.1% economic growth, the highest in America's history. It was double the highest GDP in history before this.

This is proof of the Trump economic miracle. And proof Trump has handled COVID-19 in an extraordinary way. He kept us alive and, more importantly, employed. He kept our economy alive to fight another day. He kept our businesses open. We have hope; we have opportunity; we have a future. BRAVO, President Trump.

Who'd be dumb enough to vote against that record? Thirty-three percent economic growth? Who'd be dumb enough to vote against the greatest economic growth in history? My answer is no one (except a few dumb Democrats).

Game. Set. Match. Checkmate. Trump will win a smashing electoral landslide on Tuesday.

Wayne Allyn Root is a CEO, entrepreneur, bestselling author, nationally syndicated talk-show host on USA Radio Network at 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. EST/3 p.m. to 6 p.m. PST. His new book, "Trump Rules," is out Nov. 10.