Saturday, November 28, 2020

Pennsylvania Lawmakers Seek To Decertify State's Election Results, Citing 'Substantial Irregularities'


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Twenty-six Republican lawmakers in Pennsylvania submitted a resolution late on Friday seeking to decertify their state’s election results, claiming proof of “substantial irregularities and improprieties associated with mail-in balloting.”

Democrat Governor Tom Wolf certified the election results on Tuesday.

The House Republicans said that the issues that have been raised with the election have “undermined our elector process and as a result we can not accept certification of the results in statewide races.”

“It is absolutely imperative that we take these steps if we are to ensure public trust in our electoral system,” they said in a statement released Friday evening. “Faith in government begins with faith in the elections which select that government. Just as Pennsylvania led the founding of our nation, Pennsylvania should also lead the way by making sure our commonwealth continues to stand as a keystone in our nation where free and fair elections are of paramount concern, no matter the final outcome of those elections.”

House Democratic spokesman Bill Patton dismissed the Republicans’ efforts. “Rudy Giuliani and others brought a circus to Pennsylvania and this is like the crowded clown car going round and round at the end of the show,” he said. “Just a bit of ridiculous farce. The simple fact is the election’s over and Joe Biden is president-elect.”

The resolution notes, amongst other things, that “heavily Democrat counties permitted mail-in voters to cure ballot defects while heavily Republican counties followed the law and invalidated defective ballots;” that “in certain counties in the Commonwealth, watchers were not allowed to meaningfully observe the pre-canvassing and canvassing activities relating to absentee and mail-in ballots,” and “in other parts of the Commonwealth, watchers observed irregularities concerning the pre-canvassing and canvassing of absentee and mail-in ballots.”

The resolution also notes that the results were prematurely certified. “In 2016, Pennsylvania’s general election results were certified on December 12, 2016, and on November 24, 2020, the Secretary of the Commonwealth unilaterally and prematurely certified results of the November 3, 2020 election regarding presidential electors despite ongoing litigation,”

It also states that “witnesses testifying before the Pennsylvania Senate Majority Policy Committee on November 25, 2020 have provided additional compelling information regarding the questionable nature of the administration of the 2020 General Election.”

The resolution declares that “the selection of presidential electors and other statewide electoral contests results in this Commonwealth is in dispute” and urges both Secretary of the Commonwealth Kathy Boockvar and Governor Wolf (both Democrats) to “withdraw or vacate the certification of presidential electors and to delay certification of results in other statewide electoral contests voted on at the 2020 General Election.”

President Trump referenced irregularities in Pennsylvania on Twitter Friday evening.



Donald J. Trump



The 1,126,940 votes were created out of thin air. I won Pennsylvania by a lot, perhaps more than anyone will ever know. The Pennsylvania votes were RIGGED. All other swing states also. The world is watching!


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Senator Doug Mastriano


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The entire resolution can be read here.


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