Tuesday, November 01, 2016

More Trouble For Hillary: CNN Dumps Donna Brazile While Doug Schoen Dumps Hillary

See the article: “CNN Parts Ways With Donna Brazile, a HillaryClinton Supporter

When Hillary Clinton gets caught engaging in unethical conduct, she is quick to dump anyone, even longtime black supporter and DNC acting chair, Donna Brazile, who Hillary corrupted.  After hacked emails show Brazile gave Hillary some of the questions for debates, CNN cut ties with Brazile.

Now, Double Trouble for Hillary.

Longtime Bill and Hillary Clinton ally, Doug Schoen, has withdrawn his support for Hillary.


To view the video of Schoen making his stunning announcement on FOX News, click here.

In his article," Reassessing my support for Hillary Clinton," Schoen wrote: “I remain a Democrat and proud of the work I did for six years for President Bill Clinton between 1994 and 2000 and I write with extreme sadness. But I cannot in the waning days of the election make the case that Secretary Clinton should be elected."

Hillary Surrounds Herself With Corrupt People.

See “Clintonworld’s Top 5 Active FBI Investigations:“

"There are enough active investigations of Hillary Clinton and her inner circle to merit a list of the most important ones.

"In short, just about everyone tied to Hillary Clinton is the subject of a serious investigation. Not all of them were the beneficiaries of those curious preemptive immunity deals tossed around by FBI leadership, to the consternation of some agents."