Friday, August 20, 2021

British Parliament Holds Joe Biden in Contempt for Afghanistan Catastrophe


AP Photo/Evan Vucci

Joe Biden’s disastrous handling of Afghanistan and his remarks on the debacle continue to reverberate around the world. The British Daily Telegraph reports that America’s closest ally is roundly condemning Biden and questioning its relationship with the United States.

Parliament Holds The President In Contempt

MPs and peers unite to condemn ‘dishonour’ of US president’s withdrawal and his criticism of Afghan troops left behind to face Taliban

The Daily Telegraph reports that “Joe Biden’s handling of the Afghanistan withdrawal was condemned as ‘catastrophic’ and ‘shameful’ as Parliament delivered an unprecedented rebuke to a US president.”

Condemnation for Biden came from across the political spectrum in Britain, Tory and Labour alike, and included Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Johnson himself, a staunch ally of the United States regardless of the president or party to which he belongs, also came under fierce criticism. He could only argue that Biden’s decisions had forced his hand.

Tory Chairman Tom Tugendhat fought in Afghanistan alongside the Afghan troops Biden has repeatedly condemned since Kabul’s fall. He blasted the U.S. leader: “To see their commander-in-chief call into question the courage of men I fought with, to claim they ran, is shameful.”

Former Prime Minister Theresa May likewise condemned the United States under Biden, saying, “Was our knowledge of the position on the ground so inadequate? Did we really believe that, or did we just feel that we had to follow the United States and hope that, on a wing and a prayer, it would be all right on the night?”

Tory leader Michael Howard said Biden’s withdrawal from Afghanistan “is, and will be seen by history, as a catastrophic mistake which may well prove to the defining legacy of his presidency.”

The UK’s Chief of Defense Staff, Gen. Sir Nick Carter, “accused the US of ‘shattering’ the morale of Afghan troops when they stopped airstrikes.”

The Telegraph reports that “The heated rhetoric has further thrust the state of the ‘special relationship’ and the Biden-Johnson partnership into the spotlight.”

Biden was supposed to be the expert adult in the room. His actions and his rhetoric have ruptured the relationship with one of our oldest and strongest allies and may have destabilized the British government.