Thursday, June 01, 2017

A Gross Miscalculation

By Allen West

This past Sunday morning on MSNBC, host Joy Reid interviewed Congresswoman Maxine Waters. Ms. Reid brought up the subject of an electoral base being upset with the reticence of the Democrat party to impeach President Donald Trump.
In adding delusional fuel to that fire, Rep. Waters, whose corrupt acts are widely known, responded saying that “the American people are weary that President Trump has not been impeached”.
This is very perplexing, I have to ask what American people are growing weary?
To think that President Trump has been in office less than 200 days, and the progressive socialist left, that is what the Democrat party has become, rambles on about impeachment?
The only impeachable offense, high crime, and misdemeanor, for which President Trump is guilty of is the offense of winning the election in November 2016. Mr. Trump defeated the Clinton-Obama machine and angered the crony capitalists along with the media and entertainment elitist establishment.
But is the liberal progressive socialist left making a gross miscalculation with this continued Quixotic quest seeking evidence for their preconceived conviction?
When one reviews the past eight years of the Obama administration, it is very hard for the liberal left to drone on about “Russian” interference. If that were the case, then Israeli PM Netanyahu could certainly accuse the Obama administration of electoral interference, which utilized American taxpayer resources. This, of course, was a news item that the liberal progressive media somehow dismissed and failed to report with the same fanaticism that we are currently witnessing.
I think we should take the time and review some facts that you will not be seeing on ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, HLN, CNBC, or PBS.
All this back channel with the Russians and Russian collusion chatter pales in comparison to the actions of Barack Obama and his administration.
It was Obama’s Secretary of State Hillary Clinton who presented Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov with the little yellow toy box with the big red button called the Russian “reset button”.
What exactly was the Obama administration looking to reset with the Russians?
Could it be that there were secret back channel actions between the Obama administration and the Russians for better, more favorable relations?
And to think, during the final 2012 presidential debate in Boca Raton, Mitt Romney responded that our greatest geopolitical threat was Russia. Barack Obama responded with satirical disrespect that “the 80s are calling for its foreign policy back”.
So, now are we to believe that Russia has gone from a reset status and not being a geopolitical threat to this immense boogeyman, as created by the Democrat party and the liberal progressive media.
Let’s not forget that Barack Obama in an off-mic moment said to then Russian President Dmitry Medvedev to “tell Vladimir that after my reelection I will have more flexibility”. Flexibility for what? Did the left wing media press President Obama on this “collusion”?
Yet, we are supposed to believe now that President Donald J. Trump has some affinity for Russia and Vladimir Putin and is committing treason, therefore presenting grounds for impeachment?
However, no one was ever allowed to speak of the word impeachment with Barack Obama, regardless of the conclusive evidence, lest you be branded a racist.
I suppose Donald Trump’s other offense is that he is just a white male, therefore he has no privilege protections due to skin pigmentation.
It was Barack Obama who, when Ukraine begged for assistance as Russian-backed paramilitaries overran their eastern border, sent them socks and blankets…not arms. And where was the condemnation of Maxine Waters and the Democrats?
What was the reaction of the liberal progressive media when Russia  overran the Crimea and the Obama response was to do nothing? Maybe this is what Obama meant by being more flexible after his re-election, but there was no talk or concern about the advances Russia was making under Obama’s nose.
And then there was the expansion of Russian influence in the Middle East and Syria, and no one in the love struck Obama media said anything when Obama shared intelligence with the Russians on ISIS.
Or how about Secretary of State John Kerry affirming to the American people that Russia certified that there were no chemical weapons in Syria. This was revealed to be another Obama administration “untruth” as evidenced recently with the Assad chemical weapons attack on Syrian civilians.
Barack Obama’s failed foreign policy and insidious agreement with Iran opened the door to Russia selling the number one state sponsor of Islamic terrorism the lethal S300 surface to air missile system. It is this system that now protects the Iranian military nuclear facilities. This arms sale was a violation of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), the Iranian nuclear agreement…but no chastisement or confrontation from the liberal media, or Maxine Waters.
The cherry on top of this ice cream sundae was the uranium deal brokered with Russia by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton that benefitted the Foundation that bears her name. However, this just does not meet the level of unrighteous indignation for the left to seem concerned.
The only special prosecutor required should be to investigate the Obama administration and its dealings with Russia.
President Trump has to understand that he has a moral high ground, and it is not necessary to depart that position and go down into the valley to do battle.
You do not win on defense, but rather offense, and it is easier to attack your opposition from high ground than from the low areas.
The American people elected President Trump to grow our economy, fix our healthcare system by eradicating the failure known as Obamacare, and restore our military capability and capacity along with a resolute foreign policy.
The Democrats, actually the party of progressive socialism, wants to distract the President while undermining and sabotaging his policy vision and agenda with their deep state bureaucrats.
The gross miscalculation of the liberal progressive left is that they fail to realize that their flanks are exposed, and their hypocrisy is easily seen.
They are unknowingly rallying an entire Nation against them and as they continue to lose national elections, perhaps they will ultimately recognize that they have no safe spaces.
Donald Trump winning the presidential election is not grounds for impeachment…especially after eight years of clearly impeachable actions of Barack Obama. It is a gross miscalculation to believe that we have forgotten.