Saturday, October 21, 2017

Depraved Democrat Attacks Gold Star Father Gen. Kelly, Calling Him A “Racist”


By Frances Rice

Just when we thought Democrats could not go any lower, Democrat Rep. Frederica Wilson sunk even deeper into the race mongering muck by accusing Chief of Staff John Kelly, a retired general and a Gold Star father, of being a “racist.”

The sordid details are in the below article.

With each outrage of Democrats playing the race card to destroy people with whom they disagree, it becomes even more clear that, as opined by the editorial board of the Washington Times, “Baseless accusations of racism are the new last refuge of scoundrels.”


New York Post

By Post Editorial Board
We’re trying to figure out what’s racist about the term “empty barrel.” Rep. Frederica Wilson (D-Fla.) says it is, but Google isn’t showing us how. Nor can we see why she had to go there.
Wilson had slammed President Trump’s words in a phone call to the family of Sgt. La David Johnson, killed in Niger.
Chief of Staff John Kelly (who had coached Trump on what to say, and is himself a Gold Star father) vented his anger at Wilson for politicizing the sacred subject of these calls, likening the congresswoman to an “empty barrel.”
For what it’s worth, video suggests he was wrong in hitting her over her remarks at a 2015 FBI ceremony. [Note: Kelly said Wilson crowed about helping "fund" the FBI building when she actually crowed about helping "name" the FBI building.] If she had to keep this flap going, she could’ve focused on that [irrelevant, minor point].
Instead, the congresswoman (who has reportedly bragged of becoming a “rock star” in this woeful mess) played the race card, claiming “empty barrel” is “a racist term. . . . We looked it up in the dictionary.”
Which one? Our search led to the saying, “An empty barrel makes the most noise,” which says is invoked “to minimize insult and downgrade a very loud critic” — and which Kelly used before, when a congressman called him “a disgrace to the uniform.”
A reflexive resort to crying “racism” does not serve Democrats well. As Andrew Sullivan notes in New York magazine, many on the left now even say that national borders are themselves racist — a lunatic claim sure to drive moderate voters into Republican arms.
There are no winners here, but Wilson seems determined to be the biggest loser.