Thursday, July 28, 2016

Clinton’s Speech “Subpar”

“This Is A Most Conventional Acceptance Speech In A Very Unconventional Year.”


National Review’s Tim Alberta: “Delivery Is Subpar, But Real Problem Is Content/Structure.” (, 7/28/16)

The New York Times’ Robert Draper: “Not Well Written, Not Well Delivered.” (, 7/28/16)

RealClearPolitics’ Tom Bevan: “Clinton Is Giving The 8th Best Speech Of The Convention.” (, 7/28/16)

Washington Free Beacon’s Sonny Bunch: “It’s Like The Fifth-Best Speech Tonight So Far.” (, 7/28/16)


Time’s Zeke Miller: “This Is A Most Conventional Acceptance Speech In A Very Unconventional Year.” (, 7/28/16)

Mother Jones’ Ben Dreyfuss: “This Speech Isn't Great.” (, 7/28/16)

The Washington Post’s Karen Tumulty: “Cutaways Suggest Bernie Isn't Feeling It.” (, 7/28/16)


Journalist Jon Ralston: “Does This Speech So Far Sound Like Different Parts Were Spliced In At Different Times? Or Is It Me?” (, 7/28/16)

Politico’s Marc Caputo: “Clinton Over-Enunciates. It Makes Her Speech Seemed Forced When It Shouldn't.” (, 7/28/16)

CNN’s Chris Frates: “Clinton's Speech Is Missing The Narrative Threads That Bill, Obama And Michelle Obama Wove Through Their
Speeches.” (, 7/28/16)

Texas Tribune’s Patrick Svitek: “Hecklers Aren't Really Derailing Clinton's Speech, But They're Definitely A Distraction -- And Not Giving Up.” (, 7/28/16)

NBC News’ Mark Murray: “The Disruptions Seem To Be Playing Out More In The Arena Hall Than On TV” (, 7/28/16)

Mic’s Luke Briner: “Jeers From Left-Wing Delegates After Clinton Pledges To Defend Israel” (, 7/28/16)

The Guardian’s Ben Jacobs: “Apparently A Bunch Of Pro Bernie People From Washington State Just Walked Out And There Is Now USSS


There Standing By Their Delegation.” (, 7/28/16)

Compiled by the RNC