Sunday, July 24, 2016

Dems In Disarray Prior To Convention


BREAKING: DWS Is Resigning As DNC Chair At The End Of The Convention. “The controversial chair of the Democratic National Committee, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, announced Sunday she would resign at the end of her party’s convention this week, a victim of her toxic relationship with peers and a trove of embarrassing internal emails.” (Daniel Strauss And Marc Caputo, “Wasserman Schultz Steps Down As DNC Chair,” Politico, 7/24/16)

“Democratic Leaders Are Scrambling To Keep The Party United” … “A Long Way To Go To Unite The Party” … “An Unusual Degree Of Drama”

Reuters: “Raising Doubts About Hillary Clinton's Chances For Party Unity… Lingering Bitterness From The Heated Primary Campaign Between Clinton And Sanders Erupted…” “Democrat Bernie Sanders demanded the party chairwoman resign and questioned the vice presidential pick of Tim Kaine on Sunday, raising doubts about Hillary Clinton's chances for party unity on the eve of her presidential nominating convention. Lingering bitterness from the heated primary campaign between Clinton and Sanders erupted after more than 19,000 leaked Democratic National Committee emails seemed to confirm Sanders' frequent charge that the DNC played favorites in the race.” (Reuters, 7/24/16)

CNN: “Democratic Leaders Are Scrambling To Keep The Party United…” “Democratic leaders are scrambling to keep the party united, but two officials familiar with the discussions said Wasserman Schultz was digging in and not eager to vacate her post until after the November elections.” (CNN, 7/24/16)

Reuters Headline: “On Eve Of Democratic Convention, Clinton Struggles For Party Unity” (Reuters, 7/24/16)

Sacramento Bee: “Clinton Loyalists Acknowledged How Much Democrats Have Yet To Do To Unify Their Ranks.” “But with Sanders supporters wending their way to Philadelphia on GoFundMe accounts and in caravans from across the country, Clinton loyalists acknowledged how much Democrats have yet to do to unify their ranks.” (Sacramento Bee, 7/24/16)

Baltimore Sun: “The Uncertainty Gives The Democratic National Convention An Unusual Degree Of Drama.” (Baltimore Sun, 7/23/16)

Business Insider: “A Long Way To Go To Unite The Party… The Tensions Have Only Escalated Over The Past Several Days…” “But while Trump's anti-Clinton convention theme dismayed many top Democrats, when Sen. Bernie Sanders takes the stage on Monday, he'll still have a long way to go to unite the party. … The tensions have only escalated over the past several days, after damaging internal Democratic National Committee emails published by Wikileaks appeared to show the party's hostility toward Sanders' candidacy.” (Business Insider, 7/24/16)

The Washington Post: “The Democratic Party Arrived Here Still Divided…” “The Democratic Party arrived here still divided over the results of its presidential primary season, with anger at the nominating process, the Clinton-Kaine ticket and hacked emails from the Democratic National Committee spilling into the party’s final meetings before the convention begins.” (The Washington Post, 7/24/16)

The Washington Post Headline: “Democrats Grapple With Intraparty Divisions Two Days Before Convention Opens” (The Washington Post, 7/24/16)

The Week Headline: “Democratic Party Shows Signs Of Divide Leading Into Convention” (The Week, 7/24/16)

Complied by the RNC.