Tuesday, July 26, 2016

“Protests, Booing And Open Dissent,” Oh My: Dem Disunity Continues Apace

"Convention Officials, Congressional Leaders And Even The Icons Of The Party's Progressive Wing… Were Subjected To Jeers, Catcalls And Chants."
Time : "A Day Of Protests, Booing And Open Dissent On Monday At The Democratic Convention Threatened To Derail The Party's Moment In The Spotlight…" "A day of protests, booing and open dissent on Monday at the Democratic convention threatened to derail the party's moment in the spotlight, exposing the fault lines that have divided the Democrats throughout the contentious primary between Sanders and Hillary Clinton." ( Time, 7/26/16)
The New York Times : "Democratic Party Leaders Scrambled… To Rescue Their Convention From Political Bedlam As Supporters Of (Sanders) Erupted In Boos, Jeers And Protests Against (Clinton)." "Democratic Party leaders scrambled on Monday night to rescue their convention from political bedlam as supporters of Senator Bernie Sanders erupted in boos, jeers and protests against Hillary Clinton after an email leak showed that party officials had sought to undermine Mr. Sanders in their race for the nomination." (The New York Times, 7/25/16)
Boston Herald Headline: "Raucous 'Bernie Or Bust' Revolt Disrupts Hillary Clinton Coronation" ( Boston Herald , 7/26/16)
NPR: "Convention Officials, Congressional Leaders And Even The Icons Of The Party's Progressive Wing… Were Subjected To Jeers, Catcalls And Chants." "Convention officials, congressional leaders and even the icons of the party's progressive wing - keynoter Elizabeth Warren and candidate Bernie Sanders - were subjected to jeers, catcalls and chants from an element of the audience." ( NPR, 7/26/16)
New York Post : "Diehard Bernie Sanders Supporters Hijacked The Opening Day Of The Democratic Convention… Loudly Booing The Mention Of Hillary Clinton's Name." "Diehard Bernie Sanders supporters hijacked the opening day of the Democratic convention on Monday - drowning out speakers with chants of 'Bernie! Bernie!' while loudly booing the mention of Hillary Clinton's name." ( New York Post, 7/26/15)
The Economist: "As The Convention Got Under Way, Boos Rang Out At Any Mention Of Mrs Clinton's Name." (The Economist, 7/26/16)
Boston Herald: "Warren Was Booed At One Point And Some Chanted, 'We Trusted You!'" "Warren was booed at one point and some chanted, 'We Trusted You!' - a reference to her praising Sanders during the primary before she endorsed Clinton at the end." ( Boston Herald , 7/26/16)
New York Post Headline: "Boos From Bernie Bros Dominate DNC" (New York Post, 7/26/15)
Atlanta Journal Constitution: "Things Began In Philadelphia With A Fleeing Party Chairman And Booing Bernie Bros." (Atlanta Journal Constitution, 7/26/16)
Wired: "A Mutiny Was Under Way At The Democratic National Convention…" "As Fudge addressed the crowd from the stage, a mutiny was under way at the Democratic National Convention." ( Wired, 7/26/16)
The Guardian: "A Stormy Opening Night…" "A stormy opening night of the Democratic convention battered the Philadelphia arena on Monday as defiant Bernie Sanders supporters resisted attempts to persuade them to embrace Hillary Clinton." ( The Guardian, 7/26/16)
NBC News: "A Turbulent First Day…" "At the very end of a turbulent first day of the Democratic National Convention, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders took his final bow of the 2016 Democratic primary." (NBC News, 7/26/16)